4 tips to maintain your hair in the summer!

Summer is possibly THE most damaging season for your hair. Sun, chlorine, dryness and some sun cream... None which are healthy for your hair. We often tend to not adapt our hair routine to the changing seasons. But In summer,  you need to pamper your hair, hydrate them and nourish them, more so than the other seasons

There is no need to take 10 extra steps, four little tricks will help you keep your hair top shape!

Tip 1: We use a mask 1 time a week

To see the long-term effects of good treatment, recurrence is often the key. Yes, using treatments once in a while will give some effect... but the frequency of use will make your hair impeccable!

I am relatively strict with my hair masks. Once a week (or one wash in 2), It is non-negotiable. Normally, as I have regular hair, I use a moisturizing mask. In summer, I allow myself a little more hydration with a nourishing mask. Think of it as giving your hair an additional little snack!

For blond/discoloured hair, nourish and double nourish and triple nourish. We must not forget the repair factor!

Our 3 options


  • Pureology's Superfood Hydrate smells divinely good, but even better, it moisturizes without weighing down your hair. This is the type of mask you keep year round

Pureology//Superfood Hydrate mask//170 g

  • Soul Food by Amika. I remember the very first time I tested this mask. It had nourished my hair so much that I had not been able to curl it. It's crazy, but it never happens to me! I use it especially in summer, alternating with the superfood.

Amika//Soulfood Nourishing Mask//for 250 ml

  • "Novelty" of the Oreal, it nourishes blond hair and gives them a shine. You could also try their Inforcer (anti-breaker and reinforcement). A nice little duo to try!

L'Oreal Expert Series//Blondifier Treatment//for 500 ml

PSsSst: If you want more details, I have tested 2 of the 3 masks. You can read the test bench here!

Tip 2: Let your hair dry out in the open

I wouldn't have given you this advice a few years ago, just because rare are the girls that dry hair in the open air as if they just got a blow-dry. For about 3 years, the largest companies have launched these "free-range drying creams." There is a large inventory, whether it be for smoothing, texturing or curly hair, you will find your account there. In addition to saving you time, styling your hair without heating devices will give your hair a break.

To revive your look during the day? Always carry a sea spray in your handbag. A few sprays on the whole hair while rubbing your hair and voila, you're ready for the rest of the day!

Tip 3: Just like the skin, we protect our hair from the sun.

When you go outside at 30 degrees, do you put on sunscreen? Yes. So why don't you protect your hair? Of course, the effects are less immediate than on the skin (the famous sunburn), but it is just as damaging. Besides the fact that your color will pale faster, your hair will dry out and become brittle.

You can always opt for blindfolds/hats options, but you can't wear them on every occasion. In addition to a few more specialized products, more and more products contain UV protection (shampoo//CC cream//thermal protector).

5 options

The summer basics

  • Verb … the sea spray par excellence. Nice, good cheap!

Verb//Sea salt spray//for 186 ml

  • The Wild Boho. I've been breaking your ears with this one for a few weeks! We are already celebrating our 3e anniversary and I still love it! It is also available in "Smooth" and "Twisted." Mini downside, it contains no UV protector inside which is why I mix it with option 3!

Matrix Style Ink//Outdoor drying cream Wild Boho//for 100 ml

  • One of the discoveries of my summer. It offers a shine, softness and UVA/UVB protection, which is why it is the perfect complement to the Wild Boho. Plus, that smell! Unlike the Boho, the Velvetizer is a year-round keeper.

Matrix Total Results//Color Velvetizer Keep Me Vivid//100 ml

LA High Dive.  MY new product. It's like a primer for hair. In addition, it replaces several products in our pharmacy. It smoothes, hydrates and shines. It can act as "leave-in" and thermal protector. It seals the cuticles (I probably forgot some of its other advantages).

R + Co//Hydration cream + High Dive shine//for 147 ml

You can only choose one product? THIS IS IT!

  • The 21-en-1 Color Fanatic of Pureology, is a leave-in as a rule of art. Its name says it contains 21 benefits. The downside, it is not the ideal product to air dry your hair and have perfect hair. 

Pureology//Spray without rinsing 21-en-1//for 200 ml

Tip 4: A good clarifying shampoo from time to time

This advice is aimed mainly at swimming and product fanatics. A day at sea with sand and ocean. A day at the pool with chlorine, both with extra sun cream. Washing your hair once a week. The perfect recipe for impurity accumulation. A clarifying shampoo from time to time is perfect for removing excess residue in your hair. Don't worry, clarifying shampoos are rendered extremely gentle for your hair color and your hair won't lose its shine.


Clarifying Shampoo

Here are some clarifying shampoos we have. They all have quite the same properties... do I advise one more than another? Not really. My personal favourite? Living Proof's triple Detox.

R + Co//Shampoo clarifying Oblivion//for 177 ml

Living Proof//Shampoo Triple Detox PHD//160 ml

L'Anza//Shampoo Clarifiant//300ml

Oribe//Shampoo Clarifying the Cleanse//for 200 ml

L'Oreal Expert Series//Shampoo Pure Resource//for 300 ml