Exfoliation 101

It's well known in the beauty world that exfoliation is not just about the body and the face. The scalp can also benefit from it in order to have healthier hair.

In recent months, exfoliation seems to be becoming more and more present in the hair world and wants to be more and more versatile. Sometimes to energize, sometimes to soothe, there will even be some who will pair the 2 virtues!

But why should we exfoliate our scalp?

  1. It removes impurities better than shampoos, such as sebum, accumulation of hair styling products, sweating and any other pollutants that can obstruct the pores of the scalp (we're talking to you, the girl who washes her hair once a week)
  1. Exfoliation allows better penetration of the nourishing active ingredients of the various hair styling products.
  1. Exfoliation has a part in the fight against fat hair and dandruff (your best sworn ally) and will allow you to space your washes (HOURRRRA)
  1. Exfoliation activates the bloodstream and stimulates hair growth. And yes! Blocked pores can sharpen the hair and even lead to its loss.

Now there are different techniques to undertake exfoliation, but here are some principles to follow...

  • You should never exfoliate the week before and after your colouring.
  • If it heats/burns/picots (abnormally) it's not meant for you or you don't have the correct exfoliant!
  • You have to rub well, but not excessively! Our scalp remains sensitive, too it's like not enough!

There are 2 forms of exfoliation


It is applied before shampooing on damp hair. The application is done at the root of the hair ONLY. We don't want to risk breaking our tips. Massage the scalp and rinse with warm-cold water (not glacial, warm-cold!). We continue with the shampoo to finish the washing.


The exfoliating "shampoo"

It is applied to wet hair at the root ONLY. When you feel that the hair is saturated, you add a little water and gradually the exfoliating shampoo will foam. It is advisable to make a second shampoo with your regular shampoo if you only wash your hair once a week. If you wash your hair daily, the exfoliating shampoo is sufficient.

DO NOT BE SCARED, you should not exfoliate your hair every day. It is recommended that you do so once every two weeks. In addition, you have to be patient, because it will take a couple of exfoliations before you see an improvement, but we assure you that you won't be able to stop after you've started!