Wash her hair once a week... mission impossible?

I'm joking, certainly it's possible. Well yes, I wash my hair once a week... for almost 10 years. At the time, it was not as popular, maybe not demystified enough that it wasn't good to wash your hair every week. Why did I follow suit? Because of my roommate of the time, a very good friend of mine, who washed her hair once a week (by sheer laziness). As much as I love my hair...I hated the washing/blow drying process, go figures!Here are some steps // crucial tricks to follow in order to achieve this result.

Have a suitable shampoo

Of course, you may feel like you have oily hair because your shampoo is too moisturizing for you! Make sure you have THE right shampoo for your hair, you have to put all the chances on its side before starting the process.

Give your hair time to get used to.

You can't go from washing your hair every day... to once a week all of a sudden. You have to go step by step. First space the washes ... 2-3 days (some times), after move on to 4-5 days ... so on!

Dry shampoo - more than a friend

Officially... from the third or fourth day, I use a dry shampoo. As you've heard before, a good dry shampoo can be applied for more than one day in a row. It absorbs oil while restoring volume. A texturizing spray can also be a plus in your cabinet for extra volume.

Changing your mind

It's an inside joke with my friends, they can know where I am in my wash cycle just by looking at my hairstyle. After the wash,  I leave it straight for 1-2 days. Then I curl and curl again.I curl even more. Then I tie it. If you see my hair tied up (other than during a sports activity), it's because I have "dirty" hair. 😉

What you see VS what others see

It's kind of the same principle as our love handles. Yes, yes. We are often more critical of ourselves than others are. When you feel like people can see your oily scalp from miles around...  but no one actually realizes it!

It's worth a try!