The GOOD shampoo for your hair!

Let's be honest, shampoo remains the basis of your hair products. Even if you have the best hair products on earth, if your shampoo is purchased from a drugstore, you will not improve your situation. You can also have an excellent professional shampoo, but it may not suitable for your hair type! The options are endless and the companies are increasingly good in marketing. Result? The container is often chosen instead of the content. Ok, we'll try to help you to see more clearly regarding the 5 most frequent types of hair 

First, I'd like to talk to you about the famous shampoos for coloured hair. In 2019, I would say that the vast majority of professional shampoos on the market protect your colour, even if it is not properly written on the bottle. I will therefore allow myself to skip this type of range.

The proposed shampoos have been tested. There are other options, but I don't like to talk about things outside of my field of expertise.

I want volume.

You have fine, fine hair. And you don't have much thickness! What you're looking for is a volume/volumizing shampoo. You want fullness and dimension...To not look like your hair is tattooed to your head.   

Small Price // Sebastian Volupt // 250 ml

Luxe Prize // Pureology Clean Volume // 250 ml

 Shampoos Volume

What is the best shampoo for oily hair: I have oily hair.

Real oily hair. Not just for jokes, we already see the first day the sebum appears. You must have a shampoo that cleans thoroughly to eliminate the excess sebum. There will often be a mint smell (not too unpleasant). If you don't have "really" have oily hair, a product like the exfoliant Crown of R + Co will feel like you are gently "decapitating" your scalp. You feel that it goes beyond the ordinary shampoo.

Petit prix // Biolage Clean Reset // 1 000 ml

Price Luxe // R + CO Exfoliant Crown // 162 ml

You can also try the shampoo bar: Grease be Gone Pink Maverick // 60 washings

WFA Shampoo

I have blond hair ... but I still see yellow.

The biggest challenge with blond hair is to keep an unspoiled blonde which doesn't turn yellow. Yes, we need to start to fix this process with a colouring job. But home maintenance is just as important.

Honestly, you are in business with Alterego. I will not offer you a more luxurious product when your goal is about removing yellow in your blond hair.

The added value of the product from Pureology? In addition to cutting yellow, it strengthens your hair ... a 2-in-1 like we love them!

Small Price // Alterego Silver // 300 ml

Prix Luxe // Oribe bright blonde // 250 ml

Blue Shampoo

I abuse bleach and my iron.

The  second biggest problem with blondes is the abuse of bleach. It's not just the abuse, but I was blonde a short time in my life, and let me say that my hair suffered more than I liked. We bleach = we weaken our hair. We want more than hydration, we want repair. There are also girls who use more [too] often or in the wrong way their heating tools. Whether they use it more than once a day, too often on the same strand, at too high a temperature or with no thermal protector ... the damage is felt.

Petit prix // Goldwell Rich Repair // 300 ml

Luxe Prize // Living Proof Restore // 236 ml

Repaired Shampoo

I have the lioness hair of Shakira

There exists two types of shampoo to deal with a frizzy and unruly mane. Shampoos for tangles and smoothing. It is often thought that shampoo are designed to smoothen hair  A smoothing shampoo helps to untangle and smooth it so that our hair is bigger. We know it, not easy to tame a lioness!

Petit prix // l' Oréal Series Expert Liss Unlimited // 1 500 ml

Luxury Prize // Kerasilk Control // 250 ml

Shampoo for loops