This is the beginning of a new time!

As some know, I was born in a hair salon during break time. I know the routine of a hair salon like the lines on my hands, especially since I've been there for 36 years. I am comfortable saying that I know the hairdressing industry well. An industry that does not evolve quickly enough to my liking and that does not have public recognition. It's not a big deal, I deal with it and I just see it as a bigger challenge! After all, it's up to us to pull our pin on the game even if the rules change.

For our part, we have experienced the greatest periods of adaptation within the last 5 years. To remain among the best, you have to be creative and work. Moreover, it is no surprise that to be the "best," you must surround yourself with the "best." The value of a team is calculated with talent and dedication. We are lucky, we have a good team. A qualified team that attends a multitude of trainings to stay at the top. And what about our customers... so faithful. One day I will write an article about our customers, it will make you smile and cry.
Obviously, there have been many challenges. But the era of online commerce and social networks is part of it. We must be present, adapt, invest, comply, engage, train, renovate and execute in order to age well. On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Châtelaine Concept, we are really proud to present our new website: Concept C.

Concept C will be a site of references, tips, beauty tutorials... and it will be transactional! We will go into the heart of the subject and open our big doors to you. In addition, you will have access to several major brands as well as several links leading to good deals. The 2.0 era will not be the end of us, but will make us better in order to continue having fun for a long time. This is the beginning of a new time!