Oily hair warfare: simple solutions to end it!

The oily hair, it's an eternal combat for many. The question we are asked most often: I have oily hair... what do I do? How do I stretch my washings? The "normality" is about 3 days. What!!! You wash your hair every 7-8 days? I hate washing my hair, it decolors my hair faster. Besides, lets be honest, washing your hair is a chore if you think about the time to blow dry (a real chore for several women.) There are several daily things that can make a difference in order to stretch hair washing. You know, we don't all have the same kind of hair so not the same level of oil tolerance, but if your hair is splitting into strands, it's time to react.

First of all, here's what I'd like you to know, oily-haired girl!

You're often told, base is your shampoo, whatever your hair type. Some girls have thin hair, not necessarily oily, but they use an ultra-mega-hydrating shampoo! BIG ERROR. Your hair gets oily. Use a volume or densifying shampoo.

Fine hair shampoos

Same battle for a girl with oily hair, use a shampoo with an oil or clarifying tendency.

Hair shampoo fat

I already hear you telling me, "Yeah, but my tips are dry/decolored/lack of shine?" It's with your conditioner that you're gonna go balance it out. You're gonna take a conditioner suitable for your hair type and... most important... you're gonna avoid, but  really AVOID putting it on your roots. Half-length to the tips only, scout word.

No rinse

The dry shampoo, your new best friend and your everyday ally. He's gonna help you prolong your hair washes. A GOOD dry shampoo, you can use it 3-4 days, without any problem. There is the traditional clay or its derivatives. Does it make your scalp itchy or do you have a sensitive scalp? There's the Spiritualized that acts like micellar water. You have to dry it, it gives volume and your scalp will thank you.

 Dried shampooings

Your hair is still oily? I advise you to exfoliate your scalp once a week. The first few times it may seem horrible, because the glands are stimulated. But after a few times, it becomes more regular.


Some express tips

  • A last rinse with cold water is a must
  • Remove the overflow of water with a towel before drying and dry in lukewarm air
  • Sleeping with wet hair is a NO! Stop that habit right now!
  • ALWAYS shampoo twice.

In short, there are plenty of little stuff we can do everyday to improve the situation, but we have to combine these tricks with a little patience. Moreover, we must agree to have different hairstyles and manipulate our hair so that we can camouflage our little secrets.