Pureology. 21 in 1 Colour Fanatic Leave-in Spray- 200ml

$29.99 $59

400 ml

For whom: Dyed hair

Information: Pureology's Colour Fanatic multi-purpose leave-in spray restores, protects and strengthens coloured hair with key ingredients including camellia oil, coconut oil and olive oil. In addition, it benefits from a unique blend of aromatherapy based on rose, ginger and cedar wood.

21 benefits:

1. Helps preserve the brightness of colour
2. Excellent leave-in conditioner 
3. Instantly detangles
4. Makes it easier to blow-dry
5. Hydrates dehydrated hair
6. Helps smooth hair fiber
7. Lightly revitalizes 
8. Prepares hair for styling

9. Helps prevent split ends
10. Helps prevent break-up caused by comb and brush
11. Helps strengthen hair fiber
12. Protects against damage caused by styling devices
13. Helps protect against environmental damage

14. Smoothes the surface of the hair
15. Makes hair silky
16. Helps seal the cuticle
17. Reduces dehydration
18. Control frizz
19. Reduces static electricity
20. Refreshes hair before styling
21. Makes hair shiny

Tips for use: Spray on damp hair and comb before styling the hair.
For optimal results and exceptional protection of coloured hair, use the spray before any other product.

Pro tip: For increased color protection, spray on dry hair before swimming or before sun exposure.
For fine hair, apply in the shower, and untangle. Rinse excess product to remove unwanted heaviness.

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