The history of Châtelaine begins with the avant-garde ideas of a determined woman, Louise Lambert.

My mother had a great passion in life, hairdressing. She opened the salon in 1969, downtown and had more than 20 employees. The years have passed, the modes have changed, but Châtelaine has always been able to renew itself and maintain itself among the best references. Unfortunately, my mother died of cancer on November 15, 2008 and left a huge void. A hole in my heart and in that of many!


Then I decided that 40 years could not pass away and began to continue what my mother had started so well. I know who to hold, I look strangely like my mother on every point; having as luggage a bachelor's degree in management and a solid experience in the field of business, I have the desire to succeed. I love the challenges and since 2009 I have been at the helm at 297 Notre-Dame Street East. surrounded by a talented team, we live a story that has evolved well and is not close to ending. Thanks to our team, we can always go ahead with things, be on the lookout for trends, distinguish ourselves, offer diverse services, with a different and constantly evolving approach. On the eve of our 50 years, we are very proud of our journey and the launch of our new website once again proves that our talent is limitless.

To yours and thanks for your confidence we eat it every day 😉