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We serve his best hairstyle. In short, our experienced team focuses on customer satisfaction. We work with the best companies in the industry to ensure that your wool is taken care of the best. We train a lot From Italy through New York to Toronto, we travel around the world to learn about the latest trends and technologies. We need a home!

cup 19 to 28 dollars
fold 19 to 28 dollars
Cutting and folding $28 to $38
Have a haircut at night 37 to 60 yuan
Children's Cup $12 for 0-6 years old / 15 dollars for 7-12 years old
frank 5 $
dyeing $34 to $67
Lead wire Forty to seventy-five yuan
cloud $20 to $37
Consultation for 15 minutes 25 dollars, deducted from the next invoice

The price can vary according to the length and thickness of your roller shutter.

*Change without notice

Capillary expansion

Capillary extension is usually more suitable than other methods to solve multiple problems; insufficient thickness anywhere or in some strategic locations; insufficient length; or adding color without damaging natural hair. Please make an appointment with our technician in order to get free consultation and confirm your needs.

Capillary expansion

Corneal growth

20 inch $25 package

22 inches $70 per pack

26 inches, 90 dollars per pack

Ball lengthening

20 inch $35 package

22 inches $80 per pack

26 inches $100 per pack


$75 for 18 to 20 inch packages

Installation: US $50/


Aesthetic symbol Aesthetic

Because there's nothing better than taking care of us. Whether it's for hair removal (wax or electrolysis, face, make-up, a special day), our team will handle your a to Z. the meticulous work of our professionals will leave you warm memories

Eyebrow structure Eight to fifteen dollars
Make up $23 to $30
Facial care Regular: $45
Specific (pink cutting, etc.): $50 to $65
Wax absorption
electrolysis 45$
Cosmetics $30 to $70
Bicycle 45 to 65 dollars



Onger fever

Whether it's to fix your nails on your natural nails or if you decide to jump with a prosthetic

Resin arrangement Natural nails: 40 dollars
Prosthesis: 50 US dollars
Sherac Prosthesis
Natural nails on hands and feet: 25 dollars
Nail varnish Fingers and feet 15 yuan
Foot care $40 + shellac: US $60
Hand care $40 + shellac: US $60
Wax bath 40$
Nail Fantasia +5$

Eyelash expansion

Because our eyes are the mirror of the soul, come to meet our professionals and find the ideal solution for your eyelashes. We can solve all your problems Whether our eyelashes are short, too short, too pale, or just short of the little "Panche" we are all looking for, we will get what you need to get the star's attention.

125 yuan

Place 3 D $130

Fill: US $25

3D filling: 30 yuan

Eyelashes up by $50

Eyelash staining $20

Eyelash Diamond: 5 dollars

25 yuan for eyelashes

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Tattoos are a good way to express the essence of our life, feelings or major events. With years of experience behind the tie, Allard will help you make the tattoo a reality and make sure it's as personal as possible. His passion for art and precision will create the most beautiful canvas for you.

Pricing on demand

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