Your hairstyle is a way of saying who you are without talking.

Here, we're helping you. You will find tips for the application of your products, ways to curl you never tried, new ones we tested and must-have finds that we found on the market!

Tutorial curls "old Hollywood"!

Louis-Raphael is, in my heart, one of the best "curlers" I know. We're not talking about a cut or hairstyle. You want well-defined and lasting curls? He's the pro!😁

In the survey we did a few weeks ago, you wanted to see how this type of curls were done, a little like Old Glamour // the 20's. Louis-Raph is THE person to show you how to do it!

🗣Products used🗣

BabylissPro // Plierless conical ironône
Preuve vivante// Protector Retsore thermique
Design.ME// Fixative

Oily hair. THE Glands which produce a lot of sebum.😩People who can't space their washed... and not by choice.

Where to start? The shampoo. We talk about the classic and not the dry (we're already talking about that one!😉).

💛Here are our picks💛

The Professional Oreal// Ressource pure du timbre // Available in 300-500-1 500 ml

Biolage// Shampoing Réinitialiser // Availle en 400 & 1 000

R+Co// Exfoliant The Crown // 162

Pink Maverick Company// Shampoo bar Graase BePartie

Pink Maverick Company// Revitalizing Graase Be

Tutorial: flat iron curls!

🌷YOUR look, YOUR tool🌷

It's pretty rare that we release two tutorials so close together 🎥 but seeing the splash the flat iron Avanti made, we decided to film a tutorial about using it... and put it online quickly!

The use does not differ too much from another flat iron, it is rather its width that makes a difference!

In a nutshell💨

We do a 360 and we letting the iron SLIDE.
I did all my curls in the same direction, but you can alternate as you like!
We let the curls cool and then we brush. We don't want the budding effect!😋
Apply a finishing touch with what you have under hand! Fixative, texturizing spray, oil... etc!

🗣Products mentioned🗣

Avanti // Flat iron
R+Co// Anti-static lacquer & anti-frisottis
R+Co// Spray shine and texture Trophy

👗👚 LouveDesign// Black Robe

Tutorial: waving iron!


Okay, I'm gonna be.💯 honest, to have an optimal look with this iron... it takes a little work! The iron is not difficult to use (you will see in the tutorial), for the final look, it takes a small "twist"!

For the look in general😃

I prefer it on day two, after a night of lying on my hair.
It gives VOLUME. If you have thick hair like me, it's best to make less waves.
You need a finish. I'm advised to have an oil or a sea spray or even both (that depends on your hair type!)

ION / Triple Barreau
VERB // Spray de mer
R+Co// Eye oil

For oil, you can also use whatever you have at hand The important thing is not to put too much!

Routine of a blond-haired girl!


Having the hair of a beautiful ash blond and having volume still requires a LITTLE work!😉

Marie-Lisa tells you about her hair routine for having such beautiful blond hair, voluminous and healthy!

🗣Products mentioned🗣

 Alterna Haircare // Volume de timbre

AlterEgo // Argent de bourrage

AlterEgo // Reargent vitalisant
The indispensable to Marie-Lisa!

Schwarzkopf Professionnel// Keratin repairer

Schwarzkopf Professionnel// Point

 The Anza Healing Hair Color & Care// Keratin-treating

Routine of a curly-haired girl!

[Marie-Christine // Zaz]

Here it is, the long-awaited routine for curly hair!🙌 Zaz will explain her routine and little tricks. She wants to be simple and efficient (in her image) but still be able to showcase her lioness hair!🦁

🗣Products mentioned🗣

lThe Professional Oreal// Shampoing Liss Illimitéà
(also available in 300 ml & 500 ml)

The Professional Oreal// Shampoing Curl Contour
(also available in 300 ml & 500 ml)

The Professional Oreal// Masque Liss Illimité available in 500 ml)

Traversée par TIGI// Curls Rock Amplifier Cream

How to say goodbye to the frizzy hair!


Sometimes one takes the application of certain products for granted. Small gestures can, with no doubt, make a huge difference for the final result!👌

Here is a small tutorial giving you tips for the application of dry shampoo!

This way to read our blog "Dry shampoo: tricks and stunts!"

Our best sellers

Moroccanoil// Dark Tones
Moroccanoil// Tons Clairs
Preuve vivante// PHD
Amika // Perk.Up
OSiS + // Rafraîchir la poussière

How to say goodbye to the frizzies!


In this tutorial, we talk about frizzy hair. As he has styled my hair a few times now [Marie-Christine], I can assure you that LR is the 🤴 of anti-frizz! He'll give you a few simple things to get rid of the frizzies once and for all besides having hair like you just left the hairdresser ! 💁

🗣Products mentioned🗣
(all of Preuve vivante - LR is still working with this range 😉 )

Nourishing hairstyle cream
Restore thermal protector
No-frizz feeding oil oil

Tips Puff.Me➡ Give volume to thin hair!

Christina is really THE pro at the boutique to give volume to fine hair, but which are also less supplied. 😊

The Puff.Me of Design.ME is really a small interesting product that gives a lot of volume. The first part of the tutorial is the use of Puff.Me without back-combing, which gives a slightly more styled/not styled look.

From (00:40), you will see the magic of the Puff.Me to its maximum with back-combing. It also gives a little more slicked  finish You're going to see that sometimes you have to back-comb more rather than not enough! 🙊

There are two types of Puff.Me, the regular and the light. For my hair [Marie-Christine], I use the light version to hide my oily hair between my washes.. 🤭

The regular version has a lot of "grip." It HOLDS your hair. your  have to wash your hair to get back to normal, brushing will not be enough.

Design.ME // Puff.Me 
Design.ME // Puff.Me LIGHT

Everyday look with the Babyliss iron with curved plates!

Last week, I introduced you to the Babyliss iron with the curved plates as my favorite tool. ❤

💡Some tips💡

- Watch out for the hollow VS bulging side of the curl.
- Same principle as a regular flat iron when using.
- Make several waves for more volume

As I had just washed my hair, I didn’t put on any fixative, oil or texturizing spray for finishing. I used Sebastian Professional's Shine Define as a thermal protector. Since it has some"hold" ,it's enough to keep my hair curled all day. 😲 I know, I'm relatively lucky on this side! 🙈

Flatiron babyliss with curved plates ➡é
Professional Sebastian // Spin Shine Define ➡

How to use shampoo bars!

The use of shampoo bars.. in a few tips 

🔷 For shampoo, you can rub the bar on the whole hair. Then the soap will foam by itself. I did shampooed twice in the tutorial, not because they are the bars, but well because I always do shampoo twice (because I wash my hair once a week.)

🔷 For the mask, I'll tell you more about it in the testing tutorial. It's one of the few masks we need to apply from root to tips. Leave it on for 5 minutes.

🔷 For the conditioner bar, it is best to go section by section to optimize the effect to the maximum.

🔷 He mentions putting the bars on a drain (soap plates) between each use.

Pink Maverick Company // Soap bars
Preuve vivante // Restauration mask

Tips for split ends!


Having split ends often ruins our look. Girls who don't take care of their ends often feel like their hair doesn't grow fast enough, but when our hairdresser has to constantly trim the split ends💇, it's normal that it takes a while to get them to the desired length!

Here, we give you some tips that can help you protect your hair tips and keep your hair healthy!

Products presented

Alterna Haircare // CC Cream ➡
Schwarzkopf Professional // Advanced Renovator ➡
Goldwell Canada // Serum 6 efftets ➡

Favorites 2018!


Small tutorial to tell you about some of my favorite products of 2018!

You want to see all the favorites of 2018? This way back in 2019

PsSsT: Get 20% on all 2018 favorites with the promocode "FAVORIS20".  back in 2019

Hair donation... one hair extension at a time!

Did you know it was possible to donate your hair to the Chatelaine Concept? Marie-Lisa explains how to proceed and what types of hair can be accepted for donations!

Thank you all for your donations, they are appreciated one hairstyle at a time!😊

Travel hairdryers: the unloved!


Travel-format dryers are often disliked. We've all had a bad experience with one of those hotel dryers... that doesn't really dry!🤷‍♀️

The fact is, they gave the dryer a bad press for professional travel format. But you can find some travel-friendly dryers that are just as good, maybe even better, than normal-sized hairdryers.

Here's a little time exerciseperformed with the GHD travel dryer...stronger than a regular format?

GHD dryer Flight

Children hairstyles!

Christmas (and family "partys"👨‍👩‍👧‍👧) is getting closer. It reminds me of the time my mother bought me "my Christmas dress."

Our family likes to dress up during gatherings, but we also like to do our hair!

Marie-Lisa, with her daughter Violette and Christina, with her daughter Laurence show  you 4 hairstyles for holiday time and events that are a little more "chic".

Quick bun... your vote!!

[Marie-Christine & Marie-Lisa]

We had you choose between 4 buns to recreate in a tutorial.

Here's a quick version of the winning bun!💁

Textured Waves using a flat iron!

[Marie-Christine & Louis-Rapahel]

Tonight, you are shown a new look to create with your flat iron! Sometimes we don't want curls... only texture! No need to wait for summer to create "beachwaves"...🌴

👁️‍🗨️Flat iron Avanti // 1 1/4
👁️‍🗨️Texturizing Spray of Living Proof//

3 different irons for 3 different looks


Today I quickly show you how to use three different irons! Three types of irons that give totally different styles and can be used in..totally different way!😊

1️⃣ Deep Waver  Perfect for the "wave"  effect and very simple to use. A little more popular during the summer, but can be used super well during winter on special occasion.

Deep Waver➡
You could view a full tutorial on the use of this iron

2️⃣Avanti Ultra  you saw the photos last week, I don't need to brag more! An excellent product // quality price.

Avanti Ultra ➡

3️⃣Babyliss curling iron without clip (cone)  Perfect for a more ruffled look! I also use it when my hair is more "dirty", because we don't have to slide it over the hair (sometimes, not a terrible idea when you use several products).

Babyliss curling iron without clip (cone) ➡ône

Gift Ideas 2018!


The holidays are coming very fast, but "job Christmas parties" have already started. Sometimes you want to dress up a little more with a bit more makeup!💄

As I am not a makeup pro, I asked Joannie from Concept Châtelaine to help me film a makeup tutorial. In addition to being an aesthetician at Concept Châtelaine, Joanie does make-ups for all kinds of occasions (marriages)👰 // prom 🎓 // office parties💃).

The promotion for 2018 gift ideas is now over, back in 2019!😉

Gifts 2018!

[Marie-Christine // Louis-Raphael // Marie-Lisa]

As the holidays are approaching fast we're giving you our gift suggestions. 🎁

Whether its from you to you 🙋, for your sister, your spouse, your child's teacher... we have some for everyone and for all prices.

For all gift ideas the promotion is over! Back in 2019😉

Trauma tips!

anti-frizz during summer... anti-static during winter

I've been using the Trauma treatment The Anza Healing Haircare for a few years now (especially in my blonde years). As I had the travel format at hand I decided to put it in my luggage. I knew that I was going to mistreat my hair between swimming in the sea🌊 and tanning in the sun.

I discovered a quality, which was still unknown to me concerning this product and that it ... calms the frizzy hair! It was one of my friends who taught me this, during a night when she had big frizzy hair! 🦁 (thanks to the humidity💦) my hair practically looked like it had just been blowdryed.

Mousse tips!


A mousse, what's the point when we have long, stiff hair?🤷‍♀️I've always thought this product was useless for my type of hair!

Now, it's one of my allies that helps hold my curls... without creating too much accumulation on my hair!😉🙌

[Marie-Christine & Louis-Raphaël]

For me, there's nothing more painful than washing my hair, I see it as a life project!🤷‍♀️As I proclaim myself the queen of "1 washing/week"👑, I have several tricks to hide my dirty hair, which don't involve a ponytail or bun!

Today, we're showing you a few tips about "beachwaves," done in 5 minutes, after it's been 2-3 days since the last hair wash! 🙌

Babyliss PRO iron tutorial with curved plates!.

Deep Waver: two looks to try for the summer!

💁We're showing you 2 looks to try with the Deep Waver💁

The first one, a little more "defined and sleek." Perfect for a special occasion or a day at work! To achieve this look, I used a protector that holds + a fixative with natural effect (explication in the video😉).

On the 2nd, the famous beachy waves with a hydrating thermal protector + a "sea spray"!🤲

We're curling with the Optima 3000 iron!

The Optima 3000 Babyliss Pro, the best all-in-one iron on the market! It's extremely powerful!💥Ladies with colored and fine hair,  be careful with the temperature!💥

It has a 4 year warranty 😃and comes with a glove to protect your 🤲.

Fun afro inspiration!

I love testing ALL kinds of hairstyles and looks on my hair !Sometimes during the year, especially in summer, I like to give them a little look inspired by afro hairstyles!🙌 Volume more than guaranteed and takes about 20-25 minutes to achieve!🙊

We're trying the Miracurl!

During the visit of the Châtelaine Concept team at NYC🗽 last May, the culminant of Rusk Congress was the launch of the Miracurl 3.This famous iron that had revolutionized the whole world... your hair is curls (practically) alone!😲

Many improvements have been made for this third generation.😀

3 types of curls are possible
curls possible in 2 senses
adjustable heat levels

Here is my first (ever) trying this iron!🤗

How to trace your eyebrows!

We show you how to well define your eyebrows!🤨It is a delicate task, but oh how important!

Quick volume with Puff Me!

You want volume, but you're not very comfortable with blowdrying?🤷‍♀️ With the Puff.Me, a few sprays and you're done!Mini caution... it's the type of product that should be applied moderately!😉

How to use a thermal protector?

Have you ever taken your lasagna out of the oven without putting on mittens? It's the same concept as passing a flat iron on your hair without a thermal protector!🤷‍♀️ The protector is an essential tool you need in your basic kit and here's how to use it!

Tips for a professional blowdry... at home!

It is often difficult to make a "hairsalon" blow dry at home!🤷‍♀️ Louis-Raphael offers you some tips to recreate, at home, the dream hair you usually have after a visit to the hair salon!🙌