Ag. glow shine infusion serum - 30ml


30 ml

For whom: all hair types


-More than 97% of plant-based ingredients, naturally derived
-Vegan and silicone-free
-Fragrance made from natural essential oil
-The seed oil of superfoods (broccoli, chia, cucumber, pumpkin, black raspberry, tomato and cranberry) nourishes the hair and confers an abundance of vitamins and nutrients
-Rapeseed oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, vitamin C and E to get hydrated and healthy hair
-Abyssinian oil protects, revitalizes and moisturizes hair follicles

 Use: Apply a drop (more if necessary) to damp hair for thermal protection against hot air drying. Glow smoothens cuticles and, moreover, heat-based cellulose activation plant, a natural polymer, also adds volume. On dry hair, apply a drop (more if necessary) and the hair will become instantly softer and smoother.

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