Amika. Phantom Hydrating Foam Dry Shampoo -166 ml


166 ml

For whom:A soft cleansing foam that absorbs dirt and oil while moisturizing the scalp.

The moisturizing dry shampoo Phantom cleans gently by absorbing excess oil and dirt that weigh down hair while moisturizing the scalp. This revolutionary foam conditions hair for a hairstyle on the second day after washing. Perfect for dry, chemically treated or frizz-prone hair, it provides volume to flat roots, deodorizes and refreshes between washings without loss of hydration.

Whether you need cleaning without a wash or extra volume, the buckthorn-impregnated formula leaves the hair instantly soft and refreshed, while immediately adding depth to the roots.

-Absorbs the excess oil, the accumulation of dirt and the smells of the scalp
-Light foam disappears without residue.
-Leaves the scalp and the hair rehydrated and refreshed

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