Design. Miss. Treatment 18-in-1 without rinsing FAB.ME - 230 ml

$21.99 $22.95

For whom: any type of hair.

Information: Let's reveal the mother of all treatments, Design.Me. An 18-in-1 treatment without rinsing FAB.ME, which breathes life into your mane with one application! No, we didn't find the fountain of Jouvence, but we created the biggest and most formidable defense formula that will make your hair young and fabulous in a few seconds!

For defense: it protects your color, makes your tips smoother, prevents breakage, protects against free radicals and heat damage, revitalizing the natural protective layer of hair and protects against environmental damage.

For control: it dentangles, reduces drying time and statics, controls frizz and porosity

It is fabulous because it is: a light conditioner it brings shine and lustre, it hydrates, strengthens and increases volume.

Use: spray on clean and wet hair, comb, dry and style.

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