DevaCurl. Deep Sea Repair - 236 ml

$20.98 $41.95

236 ml

For whom: Wavy, curly and twisted hair. (Fins, medium and thick)

Information: A rich and strengthening treatment that gives the curls a healthy and defined appearance. This mask, made up of a mixture of seaweed, sea lavender and vegan proteins, helps strengthen hair, improve its elasticity and reduce breakage. The scent of lavender and amber is warm and rich.

Tips for use: Apply once a week or as needed. Apply after cleaning, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse. For best results, cover with a plastic cap and apply heat.

Ingredients:U.S.AChinese Name: acetyl alcohol, glycerin, coconut oil, benzenetriammonium chloride, hexanoyl glycerol, laurate, hydrogenated ethylhexyl oleate, acetyl alcohol, diethyl diammonium chloride, citrate.

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