Living proof. No frizz styling cream - 118 ml


118 ml

For who :For medium to thick hair that lacks moisture and effective frizz protection

Information:Strengthened by Living Proof's Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), No Frizz styling cream locks in moisture without weighing down hair, smoothes hair texture to leave hair smooth and resistant to friction. Free from parabens, silicones and phthalates, ideal for hair types prone to frizz, it nourishes and conditions, leaving hair hydrated, frizz-free, smooth and soft, without feeling greasy or heavy.

Main benefits 
- Blocks moisture without weighing it down
- Smooth the hair
- Ideal for controlling frizz and prolonging the effect

* The difference between styling cream and leave-in conditioner:Leave-in conditioner is applied to damp hair to give drier hair types an extra boost in conditioning and frizz control. Frizz Free Styling Cream is best suited for medium to thick hair types and is used on wet hair followed by heat.

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