Luke Vincent. Antistatic spray - 60 ml


50 ml

Luke Vincent. Antistatic spray - 50 ml

Photo courtesy of Luc Vincent's website

For whom: All types of hair.

Information:The Antistatic LuKe Vincent does not contain perfume or oil and will not weigh down your hair in addition to preserving its soft and natural appearance. Specially designed to prevent the formation of static electricity that applies as much to hair as to brushes, combs, scarves and hats. Only a few jets will be enough to neutralize the dull hair. Its handy handbag format will allow you to have it on hand at any time even when traveling by plane!

 Use:Can be used on wet hair before blow-drying as a prevention against static electricity or on dry hair, if necessary. A spray or two is enough, preferably 30 cm from the hair.

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