Moroccanoil. Color Prolonging Conditioner Color Complete- 250 ml


250 ml

For whom: All kinds of dyed hair

Information: Check out the complete Moroccan color prolonging collection, a 360 degree revolutionary hair coloring treatment, starting from at the hair salon and continuing at home. The collection helps to extend the brightness of your hair color between visits to the hair salon to keep you feeling fresh after dyeing.

In the absence of sulfate, extended color oscillators help to extend the results of salon chromatographic service by restoring the hair integrity. The key elements of this process are based on the corolin technology. It repairs and feeds hair in three different ways, including physical and chemical aspects:

1. Reconstructs the keratin structure to restore the hair fibers and locks the internal color

2. Forms a protective cover to minimize bleaching

3. Arganid ion diffusion technique was used to repair and shrink the hair fibers, and argan oil is immersed into the cortex

Suggestions for use: After the shampoo, apply the color prolonging conditioner from root to top. Let it act for 1-2 minutes. Rinse well. For best results, follow with other products from the Color Care package.

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