R + Co. Texturizing Cactus Shampoo - 177ml


177 ml

For whom: Normal hair. It brings volume, strength and hydration to all types of hair. It makes hair stronger and thicker. After using, the hair is beautiful

Information: Texture is wonderful - in nature and hair, but sometimes it's found after a long journey. Cactus contains a textured blend of particles that allows the natural wave of hair and its personality to emerge, while making it durable and easier to style.
Perfume: Rose eyes: Fig tree-Lotus bean

Suggestions for use: Foam first, then rinse To get more texture, do not apply conditioner.

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It's great for airy hairstyles. After the shampoo, dry your hair with a towel, style your hair with your fingers and that's it! Associated with pasteurization to maintain a concentrated / thickened diet.

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