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Article: What to use for our little ones?

Quoi utiliser pour nos touts petits ? - Concept C. Shop

What to use for our little ones?

Week after week, more than a hundred of you write to us to get advice for your hair. Among our loyal customers, several are mothers and want to have tailored advice for their children's hair. Little ones need products that have been created with their more fragile and reactive skin in mind. Here you will find advice and products suitable for your child's hair depending on their age.

From birth to 2 years

Little ones need products made from natural ingredients that are gentle on their fragile skin. It is important not to use any product you have at home to avoid skin reactions. We have three favorites for this age group, and we present them to you.

The Astera Sensitive High Tolerance shampoo from the René Furterer company is suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. It soothes and calms feelings of discomfort thanks to the combination of asteraceae and mint essential oil which allows gentle washing and respects the balance of the scalp.

The Lolo range is designed exclusively for children, meeting all their needs. The olive oil-based shampoo is very gentle and gently moisturizes . If your little one already has a lot of hair, there is also a conditioner in the same range that deeply moisturizes and helps repair ends, while relieving irritation and dry skin on the scalp. Many mothers are seduced by its scent. We understand and know that many of you sometimes use this range for yourselves. It's a secret we can keep between us!

The Myni range offers biodegradable and ecological products. They are made from water, minerals and ingredients of agricultural origin.The baby range is fragrance-free so as not to harm their skin. In addition, Myni is the most economical option. Simply purchase the refill and add the amount of water needed. Detailed instructions can be found on the product page or via this short tutorial .

From the terrible two to 5 years...

The famous “terrible two”! This is the age when everything becomes more difficult and “no” is the most common answer! Washing hair can become a more complex task than expected. Sometimes using shampoos with attractive colors or designs can motivate your little ones to wash their hair.

Equave shampoo from Revlon has been a classic for many years! Available in two fragrances: Green Apple or Candy , this 2-in-1 formula combines shampoo and conditioner in one step. Attention ! If your child has fine hair, you may find that it leaves a greasy look. This product is slightly more hydrating.

The 3 in 1 set for children from the Myni company is the most economical option you can find. You can wash your child from head to toe without worrying about their fragile skin. The set is available with the coconut-melon fragrance or without fragrance.

Paul Mitchell's Baby don't cry children's shampoo is one of the best sellers year after year! It is non-irritating to the eyes, making bath time more enjoyable and tear-free. Its light formula and balanced pH respect children's delicate skin while leaving hair clean and silky.

If your child already has a lot of hair at a young age, it is recommended to use a more effective shampoo. It is still important to choose a range containing more natural ingredients. We particularly like the Pureology range and recommend the Hydrate shampoo . This product gently cleanses deeply.

After washing your hair, we detangle!

Oh dear ! If washing your hair is difficult, detangling can be even more perilous. If your little ones have hair that gets tangled quickly, it is essential to use an effective detangler and a good brush. Here are our top picks!


For brushes, we have a crush on those from the Wet Brush range. They are affordable and available in several colors. We have a preference for the Wet Brush. Pure + Clean Antibacterial Detangling Brush , which can be disassembled into two parts for easy cleaning. Our second pick is the Wet Brush Pro Detangler. Rectangular Detangling Brush - Black , ideal for brushing both our little ones' and mom's hair!

Detanglers for fine hair

The majority of companies offer detanglers, making it difficult to choose a product suitable for your child's hair. We are here to help you.

Little Tip! As with shampoo, choosing a detangler in an attractively designed bottle can encourage little ones to want to detangle their hair.

The detangler from the Revlon Equave range is available in two scents: green apple and candy . Thanks to their pleasant fragrances and colorful packaging, these products are particularly appreciated by toddlers. We have a weakness for smells.

If you prefer a more natural option, the Lolo range offers a product that is free of parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals, making it safe for everyday use.The olive oil hair detangler contains marshmallow extract, which facilitates detangling while conditioning and hydrating the hair fibers. It also contains pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), which makes hair stronger and shinier.

If your child has hair that gets tangled easily and you're looking for a versatile product, Pureology's 21 in 1 Spray is perfect for you! This detangling spray offers 21 benefits, such as thermal protection, UV protection, and gentle hydration, among others. Available in 400 ml format, it is perfect for the whole family thanks to its practical size and its multiple benefits for the hair.

Detanglers for thick hair

Fan of the smell of pear ? O&M Know Knott Detangler is a detangler for thick hair. Thanks to its nourishing blend of cold-pressed argan oil and macadamia nut oil, it is perfect for adding softness and shine to hair. It nourishes the hair to the maximum!

The Happy Campers detangler from the EVO range helps reduce frizz, hydrate and strengthen the hair. It also contains thermal & UV protection, perfect for the hot season! It improves styling and helps reduce drying time while providing light volume and good hold. It can be used on both dry and damp hair.

Thick, dry, messy hair? The detangling solution from the Biolage range is the product you need! It's a conditioner that you apply in the shower. It deeply hydrates which instantly restores moisture, eliminates frizz and reduces static. Subsequently, detangling will be much easier

Small curly hair... What to use?

If your child has small curls in their hair and you are looking for a solution, we recommend applying a light styling cream to damp hair to help define the curls. A handy tip: choose a styling cream that is also suitable for your own hair, so you can use a small amount on your child too. It is a practical and economical product, an ideal 2-in-1 solution to facilitate the care of curls at home, both for you and for your child!

We give you a few choices here, if you don't know where to go.

R+Co. Cool Wind Air Drying Cream with Perfect pH - 147 ml

Design Me. Bounce.Me Curl Balm - 250 ml

R+Co. Waterfall Hydration + Shine Lotion - 147 ml

What not to put in hair!

Okay, okay, okay, it's important to give a few reminders about what not to put in your children's hair. Sometimes some clients tell us everything they put in their children's hair and it can be surprising. Here's a friendly (but serious) reminder of what absolutely should not be used.

A hair growth serum is no!

We often hear: 'My 3 year old child's hair isn't growing, can I give him a serum to help it grow?' NO ! Ladies and gentlemen, your child doesn't need to have hair worthy of Princess Rapunzel at 3 years old. Not all children's hair grows at the same rate, and that's okay. Over time, hair will naturally lengthen

It looks like her hair is damaged, can I put a repair mask on her?

Damaged hair on a child is practically impossible! We can just notice that they are less soft or less shiny than usual, but damaged? A repair mask for a child's hair is not necessary, as there is no damage caused by heating tools or bleaching. Ladies, keep your precious restorative products to yourself, your wallet will thank you.

Heating tools in your child's hair

Several clients have told us they use heating tools in their children's hair daily. Rest assured, ladies, using a hairdryer is generally safe. On the other hand, daily use of a flat iron or curling iron is not necessary. Your children's hair doesn't need to be ironed every day of the week. This can cause damage. Reserve these tools for a few special occasions during the year, and opt for gentler methods on a daily basis.

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