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Article: Dry shampoo: Our favorites & application tips!

Shampoing sec: nos favoris & astuces d'application! - Concept C. Shop

Dry shampoo: Our favorites & application tips!

The dry shampoo, easily the product I consume the most. This is the mascara of my hair kit. I have tested it so much, that it is also the product with which I am the most difficult. As I apply on several consecutive days, it should not do too much accumulation. The white residues that remain is no. For the smell I am less difficult, but it should not stay me pogné In the nose all day.

The dry shampoo is no longer as enigmatic as it is a few years ago and we now see it appear in several forms (foam / micellar / powder water).

So that it is optimal, there are some application tips to be respected!


Before application

We make sure of Shake the bottle well, like when we wave our bottle of nail polish. We want the product to be well mixed and that we do not leave a deposit in the bottom of the cane. If we do not brew well, the clay / rice / starch powder of corn, will remain at the bottom of the bottle and they are essential ingredients for the success of dry shampoo.

The only version you don't have to brew is a dry powdered shampoo like the She's like the Wind of the company see.


Où Do I have to apply my dry shampoo?

It is applied to the root and keep the bottle a few inches from the head (6 to 10). Applying it too closely could leave us too large a product concentration. I also work it per floor, it's more optimal. Some people will apply it to the point to give texture to their hair, for my part I use the texturizing spray for this task!


Do I have to let my dry shampoo act?

Like a good mask, dry shampoo is more effective when you let it act. Some people even apply it in the evening before bed. Personally, I do it when I get up in the morning ... Time to do my routine, it absorbs ... what it needs to absorb (my grassitude). If you are in a hurry, a 2 minutes are enough!


I still have white residues, what do I do?

Ultimately, you have to rub the bottom of your head and/or brush your hair to remove the excess of white residues. Between you and me, there are still a few girls who jump this step and it often looks like a girl who has sprinkled with baby powder in her hair. I will tell you because your friends will not tell you, we see it and it is not very charming!

Here are 3 of our favorites!


Living Proof - PhD Advanced

When Living Proof launched its "Advanced" version of the dry shampoo, my first question when receiving the product was: how to improve what we already consider as the holy grail of dry shampoos?

Bottles of dry living proof shampoo, I have already spent another. The biggest difference between the original (PHD) and the advanced version (Advanced)?

The quality it leaves for hair, as an effect of real washing. No matt effect, even less accumulation! A feeling of a clean hair. You can even apply it on damp hair. Girls who have grassitude Quite pronounced always prefers the version PHD, but for us, the Advanced is now one step ahead.

PSSST: It is the best -selling product in concept C in 2022.


Living Proof. Perfect Hair Day Shampoo Dry Advanced Clean - 184 ml


O & M-Dry Queen

Speaking of the PHD of Living Proof, I dare to introduce you to its medium sacoche version. Big Team’s favorite in 2022, the dry dry queen shampoo of the Australian company O & M has not only delighted our hearts, but yours too! As it is mineral, it is suitable for sensitive skin ... but also to fatty trend. It absorbs sebum and gives a mini texture. It is worth trying at least once!

 O&M. Dry dry queen shampoo - 300 ml


R+Co - Spiritualized

We compare the spiritualized to a Micellar water for hair. When writing its lines, I confirm that it does not yet have much competition on the market. It cleanses very gently. You can apply it on wet hair and let it dry in the open air or in the dryer for a little outfit. For people who have leather sensitive and dry hair, you love! It facilitates [re] styling of your fringe or your rosette. Girls who train regularly will be gagas. The only problem, it is not necessary for heavy work, it does not do it in my day 7, but definitely perfect for the first days!




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