Hair mask: technique and test bed!

Whether it's a moisturizer, a repair agent or to add shine, masks are an essential part of your hair pack. I decided to test the best four masks on the market for you. Before making my comments, here are some tips for using these products

How frequently should you use your mask?

It depends on your hair type. For regular hair like mine, I'll say once a week. For bleached blondes, twice a week

How long do I want the mask on my hair?

Follow the instructions Some masks are more quick ("2 minutes"), but generally, masks are usually used for 5-10 minutes. More than 10 minute is too long a project for me. You don't need to leave your mask on longer than indicated, your hair will not be more hydrated or better repaired. Sometimes, too much is the same as not enough and this may negatively affect your hair. Overdosed hair may look faded and without volume.

How do I use a mask?

Depending on the thickness and length of the hair, the amount may vary. The "standard" is about 25 cents. Maybe more, maybe less, but we usually don't exceed the width of a $2 coin. Specialized products are concentrated, and the quantity is small enough to complete the work. Avoid applying masks to the roots and only apply it from medium length to tip. Some people use a wide toothbrush to comb their hair in the shower so that the product is more evenly distributed. In addition, it is best to dry your hair before applying the treatment to improve the contact with your hair and avoid excessive dilution of the product. We leave it on for the indicated time on the bottle and then rinse well.

Should I apply my conditioner after the mask?

Regarding this topic, opinions differ. After receiving some training on different products,, some  need a post-mask conditioner, while others do not. Without training, it's sometimes difficult to know exactly what to do. When in doubt, I always apply a little to be sure. With certain masks (mostly repairing masks), you'll see that they won't leave a super soft effect on your hair and you will need to apply a conditioner. It's up to you to observe the effects and judge what's best. Tell yourself that it won't be a bad idea to apply a small amount of conditioner post-mask.

What kind of mask should I get?

Repair / reconstruction: chemically and mechanically damaged hair. A woman with blonde hair, colored hair, and excessive use of heating iron

Reconstruction mask for repair

Hydrating/nourishing: for Dry hair... It's a bit of a go-to in the sense that most people's hair becomes dry in the cold winter or during sun exposure and chlorine exposure in the summer.Moisturizing Mask

Smoothing:Curly / rebellious and unruly hair. celebrity inspiration: Shakira.

Smooth mask

Color: Make your hair shiny, soft and vibrant. They're less and less on the market now, because like all shampoos, there's always color protection in other masks. For those who dye their hair but never use a heater or alternate with other masks

You'll hear several other masks (companies want to differentiate themselves from others), but you have pretty much the essentials listed here.

Life mask - a repair mask for dry or damaged hair

The mask can deeply nourish your hair and repair dry and damaged hair. When you first open the jar, you might confuse it with margarine. I was a little scared at first because I was afraid that it might make my hair heavier.

Usage: After shampoo, generously apply from root to the tip. Leave for 5 minutes. rinse

Something that scares me even more is to apply it on roots, which is a very rare with hair masks. I assisted in the Living Proof training session and they told us to apply a conditioner after this mask because it's main purpose is to repair rather than smoothen the hair.  So I "generously - the size of a bubblegum." applied it. I left it for exactly five minutes  and then I rinsed thoroughly. Honestly, it still left a smooth effect on my hair, I was expecting worse. I then applied the conditioner and rinsed. Fortunately, I'm currently using the shampoo/conditioner PHD de Living Proof. I've never been that girl who has a shampoo/conditioner/mask from the same company. It might possibly make a difference with certain products, but I mainly think it's a way for companies to sell more. I let my hair air dry till 80%. My hair looked smooth and healthy. Mission accomplished! I won't be returning the mask to the salon to share with my colleagues.

When I was applying the mask to my roots, I was scared that it have an oily effect. BUT NOT AT ALL. I was able to wash my hair only once a week!

For whom? Chemically and mechanically damaged  hair , blonde hair, coloured hair, and excessive use of iron. Les pink / Gwen Stefani/Julianne Hough of this world.

Hair and mask of wisdom!

Amika - mask of nourishing soul

This mask "engulfs your hair with rich nutrients to maximize moisture and tenderness.". I find it interesting that, directly on the product, the instructions in English / Spanish refer to five to seven minutes for action, while the instructions in French refer to two to three minutes for action. They also recommends weekly or... daily use. If you need to use this mask once a day, your hair has a real dryness problem!

To be honest, I've already tried this mask a few years ago. What I remember is that it smoothed my hair so much, I wasn't able to curl it the next day...This NEVER happens to me.

I apply the mask, avoiding roots. After 5-7 minutes, I rinse profusely. This mask is the same as dry shampoo, a small quantity (the size of a nut) is enough to make my hair extremely smooth. It's a dry-haired girl's best friend.

Smart hair mask and test bench!

For whom? Page: Dry hair, thick, irregular, rebellious. Feeding mask  (in general) a micro + moisturizing than hydrating masks. For the Lorde/ Shakira/ Gabrielle of this world.

Pureology - Super food hydrate Mask

I've talked to you about this mask a lot. It's a part of my 2018 favorites. I bought it quite a few times. With a creamy texture, it perfectly hydrates your dry hair...without weighing it down. This mask claims to also helps protect your color, but I find this claim hard to prove.

Massage the mask from the roots to tip. Wait 5 minutes then rinse.

For whom? A brunette like me! In fact, dry (colored) hair. Regular hair ... the good old "any kind of hair." The Mandy Moore / Kate Middleton / and Dakota Johnson of this world!

Smart hair mask and test bench!

The Anza - Trauma

Probably the most versatile of all masks. It can be used on wet or dry hair. We can rinse it or not. It helps to repair the most damaged hair while preserving color. I also discovered that it tremendously helps with frizziness, humidity and static (great to take when traveling!)

The vast majority of the time I use it in a no-rinse version that I apply on wet hair ... and dry. When I apply it to my dry hair, I focus more on the tips, which are often more frizzy. As I no longer have colored hair, a small amount, the size of walnut, is enough. It resembles  a bigger protective barrier between our washes! This mask is essential or a must have If you prefer! It is also available in 50 ml format, Perfect for first-timers!

For whom? everyone, I'd say! I find it versatile enough to be used by anyone! For Kim Kardashian and all the colors she's done!

Smart hair mask and test bench!
All in all, to make a good choice of treatment, it is necessary to identify our objective: hydration or repair. Make a choice tailored to our needs and be true to our new routine. Then you have to take the time to apply this in the rules of the art, so that your hair will be splendid.