Dry shampoo: tips and scrubs!

The dry shampoo. so popular, but so enigmatic. Many people use it, however, several use it "badly". That's why I decided to give you my tips and tricks! For me, this is the product I use the most. The only product I always end up emptying. With my job, I'm prone to testing a lot of products and my wardrobe often gets full. I'm not complaining, but it's a bit like when I go to Subway ... I've already tested a few different kinds, but ultimately, I always go back to my good old 12-inch-white bread-turkey-extra-mayo. Yes, we always return to our favorite products.

This is also the product I am most difficult with. I apply it several days in a row, it should not make too much accumulation. The white residue is a no, especially since I have very dark hair. For the smell ok, but it should not stay stuck in my nose all day. There is also the trend of dry conditioner. Well, you want me to be honest? I don't really understand that. A dry shampoo will suffice you #whatwillwenotinvent oops. I had to say it.

Before application

We make sure to shake the bottle well, like when we shake our bottle of nail polish. We want the product to be well mixed and leave no deposit in the bottom of the bottle. These famous deposits are clay / rice powder / corn starch which is the essential ingredient in dry shampoo.

Where should I apply my dry shampoo?

It is applied to the root and the bottle is kept a few inches from the head (6 to 10). Applying it too closely could leave us with too much product concentration. Some people will apply it to the tip to give texture to their hair, I however use the texturizing spray for this task!

Should I let my dry shampoo act?

Just like a good mask, dry shampoo is more effective when allowed to act. Some people apply it even in the evening before going to bed. Personally, I do it after getting up in the morning ... I let it sit as I'm doing my morning routine ... The dry shampoo will absorb what it needs to absord. #myoil

I still have white residue, what do I do?

Ultimately, you need to rub the bottom of your head and / or brush your hair to remove excess white residue. Between you and me, there are still a few girls who skip this step and it often looks like a girl who has sprinkled baby powder in her hair. I'll tell you because your friends won't tell you, we see it when you don't!

    So here's my top 3. Not sponsored, not partnered ... ahhhhh nothing. Just my opinion. It's worth what it's worth, but I've tested a lot of it ... so I can give you a good comparison.

    Living Proof – Holy Grail

    Yes, there will be a white residue at the application and it is normal, we explain it even during the training on the products.. when you rub, it will disappear. It is the most effective, the one that makes the least accumulation and the one whose smell I prefer. We will not hide it, it is not the least expensive, but it is worth its weight in gold.

    $ 30 for 198 ml


    Moroccanoil-it has a proven track record

    Brunette version / blonde version, this company has been able to optimize its marketing to meet the weaknesses of its competitors (white traces for the brunette). This is also the brand (in general) which I noticed had the most loyal customers. Most people (and I'm like that too) trust us to guide them in order to get the right product. For Moroccanoil followers ... they rarely (never to be seen) deceive their favorite company. Effectively, the shampoo works super well. Ideal for girls who do not brush or rub the bottom of the head after applying shampoo. Ladies, I know you recognize each other. The smell is the same for all the products either you like it ... or you dont!

    $ 29 for 205 ml


    OsIs + - value for money

    I like to offer you options at different prices. In the market of professional hairdressing products, the OSIS Resfresh Dust wins the palm of the best value for money. It does a very honest job and allows to lengthen by a few days your next hair wash.

    $ 22.95 for 300 ml