Matrix. Total Results Shampoo Keep Me Vivid - 300 ml

$18 $22.50

300 ml

For whom: For coloured hair.

Information: The most recent generation of care without sulphates, to delicately clean hair with colours that easily fade.
This shampoo is without - sulphate, but it does not mean that you will not have a foamy effect. In fact, this shampoo has a rich and generous foam which cleans your hair while hydrating them.

On top of that, it fights undesired accumulation of minerals which can affect the brightness of your colour:
- Chlorine: oxidation of colour and sensitivity of hair
- Copper: causes greenish and/or blackened effect on colour
- Calcium: causes flavorless and dried out colour

Preserve the vibrance of delicate colours for 65 days*
*when you use the shampoo-conditioner system.

Main beneficial effects:
- Without - sulphate
- Protect hair coloured for a lasting shine
-Fights undesired accumulation of minerals
- New decadent smell

      Use: Apply to humid hair. Foam. Rinse.Follow with conditioner Keep Me Vivid. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

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