Protecia. Skin Uplifting Ceramic Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool


Information: Zen mode activated, boosted circulation, detoxified skin.

It’s Gua Sha Time: Drain Those Toxins Away For Brighter, Detoxed Skin.

  • Exclusive Brand-New Shape Handcrafted In Korea.
  • Made With 100% High-Quality White Ceramic Clay.
  • Easy To Follow 5-Minute Routine Morning & Night.
  • Increases Blood And Lymphatic Drainage To Flush Out Toxins For Radiant, Brighter Skin.
  • Detoxes The Skin.
  • Improves Absorption Of Skincare Products Into The Skin.
  • An Exclusive Ceramic Gua Sha Tool Made Of High-Quality Natural Clay.
  • Carefully Polished For A Smooth Texture.
  • Comfortable Grip To Use On The Face, Neck, And Spine.
  • Includes Gua Sha Beauty Book With Massage Tips To Lift And Rejuvenate Dull Skin.

Usage tips: 

  • Always Apply Serum, Cream, Or Oil To Your Face Before Using The Gua Sha Tool.
  • Hold Your Massage Tool Firmly. Use It Against Your Skin At A Flat Angle Using Light To Medium Pressure.
  • Always Follow A Downwards, Outwards Direction.
  • Wiggle And Press The Tool At The End Of Each Stroke.
  • Slow Pace.
  • Repeat Each Stroke At Least Five Times.(See Your Beauty Book For Massage Routines).

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