Pureology. Color Fanatic 21 in 1 No-Rinse Spray - 30 ml (mix-minis)

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For who : All hair types. An everyday ally, we love it!

Information:This 100% vegan multitasking hair spray is infused with natural oils and our exclusive AntiFade complex. It acts as both a hair conditioner, hair heat protectant and hair straightening treatment. Prepares hair for heat and styling, protects hair from damage by providing an impenetrable barrier using our exclusive AntiFade Complex, and acts as an anti-frizz spray and hair shine treatment to prep and perfect the hair. root to tip! Now the real question is: what does it not do?

21 Key Benefits:


1. Protects against colour fading

2. Acts as a leave-in conditioner

3. Instantly detangles

4. Facilitates blow drying

5. Moisturizes dry hair

6. Helps even out porosity

7. Nourishes without weighing down

8. Makes cutting easier


9. Helps prevent split ends

10. Helps prevent breakage from brushing

11. Helps strengthen the hair fiber

12. Protects against heat damage

13. Creates a shield against external aggressions


14. Smoothes the surface of the hair

15. Makes hair silky

16 Helps seal the cuticle

17. Decreases dehydration

18. Controls frizz

19. Reduces static electricity

20. Refreshes hair for re-styling

21. Adds shine

Usage tips: Spray the product on damp hair daily, after your favorite Pureology shampoo and conditioner. Then apply VOLUME, CONTROL or TEXTURE products to create your style.

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