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Article: How to choose the right brush?

Comment choisir la bonne brosse ? - Concept C. Shop

How to choose the right brush?

We always talk to you about the right products to use for different hair types, but it is just as important to use good tools. Each of us has a brush at home, but it is not necessarily suitable for our hair. It is important to choose it carefully, it will make your styling and your daily life easier.

In this article, we will guide you according to your hair type in order to better choose your type of brush.


When you have fine hair, having a brush with wider spaced bristles allows you to detangle your hair without damaging it. It is possible to have brushes that have a mixture of stiffer bristles and boar bristles which allow the hair to be smoothed and shiny.

Small bag // Wet Brush. Pure + Clean Antibacterial Detangling Brush

Large bag // T3. Polish & Shine Brush


For thick hair, we recommend brushes with bristles that are much closer together and denser in order to better detangle the hair. The brushes are often wider which allows them to take more hair. Plus, the handles are much sturdier, perfect for brushing even the toughest hair!

Small bag // Wet Brush Pro Detangler. Rectangular Detangling Brush

Large bag // Fromm. Elite Polisher Boar Bristle Oval Brush


To do straight-from-the-hairdresser styling, the round brush is essential! It allows us to give a beautiful shape to our hair to obtain magazine-worthy volume. It is important to choose the size of the brush according to the length of our hair. If you have short hair, go with a smaller brush and the opposite if you have long hair. For example, for short hair, it is advisable to use a brush of around 25 mm. For longer hair, we recommend using a 35 mm or 45 mm brush. It is also important to look at the composition of the brush! If the base is ceramic, it will be much easier to give your hair a nice shape since the material conducts heat. It will take much less effort to achieve a beautiful style. On the other hand, if your brush has a wooden base, it will smooth frizz, but it will be more difficult to shape your hair, because wood does not conduct heat like ceramic.


Small Bag // Dannyco. Round Wooden Brush Natural Boar Bristles

Large bag // T3. Round Volume Brush - 2.5”


Many people use a brush in the shower to detangle their hair between the different products they use. On the other hand, we recommend a comb or a brush with silicone bristles which helps to detangle the hair well and helps with the application of products such as a mask or conditioner.

Small bag // Concept C. Shower comb - Black

Small bag // Wet Brush Pro. Treatment Brush


It is important to clean your brush well to avoid dust accumulating. This dust can make your hair greasy much more quickly. In addition, taking care of your brush allows you to keep it much longer! We love the brush cleaner, it removes hair and dust quickly and effectively.

Small bag // Concept C. Cleans Brush

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