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Article: How to say goodbye to split ends?

Comment dire adieu aux pointes fourchues ? - Concept C. Shop

How to say goodbye to split ends?

Split ends, I can't take it anymore! This is the question that comes up every week on our social networks. We often feel like our hair is no longer growing and we don't know what to do. Today, we present to you our best tips as well as the best products to say goodbye to ends that are constantly splitting.


Many of you brush your damp hair in the shower or after getting out. Damp/wet hair is much more fragile, so it tends to break more easily. We advise you to use a wide-toothed comb when you get out of the shower to properly detangle your hair.

Concept C. Shower comb - White

Concept C. Shower comb - Black

If you are the type to brush your hair to properly apply your conditioner or mask, we recommend the Wet Brush treatment brush which will help apply the treatment while massaging the scalp. A dream !

Wet Brush Pro. Treatment Brush

Tossing your hair in a cotton towel is underestimated. Rubbing hair in a towel can damage it. We recommend using a microfiber towel which will reduce friction on the hair and absorb water. Additionally, since the hair will not be too wet, you will use a lesser amount of product, as it will not be diluted in water! There are two microfiber towel options, one classic and one luxurious! Both have the same properties; It’s mostly a question of style.

Concept C. Microfiber Head Towel - Light Beige

Concept C. Luxurious Microfiber Head Towel - Gray


It is important to pay attention to the heating tools that we use daily when styling our hair. Most of us underestimate the damage that poor quality or too old heating tools (or both, ishhhh) can cause. Many of you are writing to us on social media, in despair about your hair that keeps breaking despite the good products you use. When we dig deeper into your habits, the majority of the time, you use the wrong heating tools.

We advise you to have quality heating tools that will be good for a few years. It is important to mention that it is not necessary to set your iron to a high temperature, 350 degrees is perfect! This way, you will be able to have tools that do not damage your hair, and you will see a nice difference in the quality of your hair.

Small bag // Mermade. Pink Flat Iron - 28 mm

Large bag // T3.Fer Plat Lucea - 1.5''

Small bag // Mermade. Pink Ionic Dryer

Large bag // T3. Aireluxe Ionic Dryer - White and Rose Gold


A haircut is a key element to having beautiful length and healthy ends. It is important to trim the ends regularly to keep them healthy. We recommend cutting the ends approximately every 4 months, so that they are not too damaged, thus avoiding having to alter the length.


It is important to use a finishing serum daily. It helps moisturize your hair as well as strengthen it. It's a habit to get into that many people neglect a lot. We recommend taking a small amount in the palms of your hands and rubbing it before applying it through your lengths to the ends. Attention ! You must use a small amount, because otherwise you can weigh down the hair and give a greasy effect.

Small bag // L’Oréal Série Expert. Metal Detox Oil - 50 ml

Large bag // Formula Islands. High Performance Protective Serum - 200 ml


Naturally, to achieve healthy peaks, it's important to include specific products to help them. We have a few favorites, but we present to you a small, medium and large bag option. All three options are perfect for strengthening ends, nourishing, adding shine and helping prevent hair breakage.

Small bag // Schwarzkopf. Bonacure Repair Rescue Tip Renovator - 100 ml

Medium bag // Pureology. Strength Cure End Renovator Treatment - 50 ml

Large bag // Kérastase. Nutri-supplement split ends Nutritive - 50 ml

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