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Article: What to bring when traveling?

Quoi apporter en voyage ? - Concept C. Shop

What to bring when traveling?

Getaways under the sun offer the opportunity to breathe new air and return to our daily lives with renewed energy. In addition, returning with a tanned complexion gives the impression of coming back to life.

Many customers wonder what essentials to pack when traveling. This is when we reveal the essential products to ensure perfect hair and skin during your vacation in the sun.

Our products offered are classics from our Solar Shop, which means that they are available all year round! Whether you're going on a trip in the next few months or later, they will always be essential to take with you.

In the shower

With the sun, sea water, swimming pool and sand, our hair needs products that will eliminate impurities from the scalp. We recommend creating a first lather with a clarifying shampoo and continuing with a moisturizing shampoo. In addition, we prefer to apply a mask instead of a conditioner, because it is more hydrating and our hair really needs some love with all these climate changes.

Clarifying shampoo

Carry On option // K18. Peptide Prep Detoxifying Shampoo - 53 ml

Unrestricted luggage option // L’Oréal Série Expert. Metal Detox Shampoo-Cream - 100 ml

Moisturizing shampoo

Carry On option // Evo. The Therapist Moisturizing Shampoo - 30 ml

Unrestricted luggage option // René Furterer. Solar Nutri-Repairing After-Sun Shampoo - 200 ml

Moisturizing Mask

Carry On option // EVO. Moisturizing Mask - 30 ml

Unrestricted baggage option // Matrix. Food For Soft Intense Hydration Treatment Mask - 500 ml

After the shower

When traveling, you don't want to spend hours doing your hair. We prefer products that allow us to let our hair dry naturally, that is to say in the open air. We recommend lightweight styling creams that eliminate frizz while simultaneously moisturizing. Plus, they offer UV protection!

Carry On option // Alterna. My Hair My Canvas Easy Does It Air Drying Balm - 25 ml

Unrestricted luggage option // L’Oréal. Metal Detox Cream - 100 ml

Protect from UV rays

We often think of our skin when we talk about the harmful effects of the sun's rays, but they are just as harmful to our hair!

In addition to weakening them (they become dry and brittle), UV rays damage our coloring by preventing the pigments from clinging properly to our hair fiber. Add in some swimming in the ocean and we have a wonderful haystack recipe!

These two products are perfect for making sure you protect your hair from the sun's rays, sea water and dryness.

Available in spray (oily tendencies will like it more) or in cream, they will protect against UV rays while hydrating the hair. To put... without moderation!

Carry On option // René Furterer. Sun Protective Summer Fluid KPF 50 - 100 ml

Unrestricted luggage option // Kérastase. Soleil Sublime UV Cream - 150 ml

Unrestricted luggage option // Esthederm. 3 Soleils Moisturizing Care Water - 150 ml

Little extras

Do you feel like bringing more rather than not enough? We understand you, you are not the only one! If you like beach effect hair, you can bring a sea salt spray that we apply to our damp hair. This spray will provide a little texture without weighing it down. We recommend mixing it with your styling cream to obtain a perfect look.

Carry On option // O&M. Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray - 50 ml

Unrestricted luggage option // Evo. Salty Dog Beach Effect Spray - 200 ml

For the body

It's important to take care of our hair, but it's just as important to protect our bodies from the sun's rays. For the body, we love the products from the Australian Gold range. They are efficient and what's more, their price is attractive.

In this range, sun protection is available in aerosol, spray or cream form. There is also the option of tan intensifiers. This is a perfect product to add if you have difficulty tanning despite the sun.

An essential that we underestimate is bringing moisturizer and a bottle of aloe. The moisturizer soothes dry skin and the aloe helps with sunburn.

For solar products, travel formats are rare, we advise you to obtain small bottles to transfer the large formats.

Unrestricted baggage option // Australian Gold. Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 - 237 ml

Unrestricted baggage option // Australian Gold. Tan Intensifying Dry Oil Spray - 237 ml

Carry On option // Australian Gold. Forever After Moisturizing Cream - 83 ml

Unrestricted baggage option // Australian Gold. Soothing Aloe After-Sun Gel - 237 ml

Carry On Option // Concept C Transport Bottle

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