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Article: Guide 101: How to choose the right tools for your hair?

Guide 101 : Comment choisir le bon outils pour tes cheveux ? - Concept C. Shop

Guide 101: How to choose the right tools for your hair?

Every week, we advise several clients on our different platforms in order to offer them products adapted to their hair type. Often, we realize that you attach much more importance to your products than to your heating tools. It is essential to have quality heating tools in order to preserve beautiful, healthy hair. It is possible to have quality tools without having to pay astronomical amounts. What is the difference between large bag vs small bag tools!? Equipment? Heat settings? Additional options?

We help you dissect everything and choose the right tools for you, whatever your budget!


The basis of heated tools is the dryer. It is often the type of tool that we use most frequently and that we share with different members of the family. Over the years, we have noticed that this is the tool that is the most neglected. When shopping for a new dryer, here are three things to pay attention to.

The Watts

This is what allows us to see its power! The higher the wattage, the more hot and powerful the dryer will be able to produce hot air, allowing hair to dry faster. Higher power is often better for thicker hair or to reduce overall drying time.

The weight

The weight of the tool must be taken into consideration given that we hold it for a certain time when styling. A lighter dryer will be easier to handle and will reduce arm, wrist and hand fatigue during the drying process. However, it's important to strike a balance between lightweight and power, as some lightweight dryers may sacrifice drying power to reduce weight.

Additional options

The heat and speed settings, included accessories, and ease of use, all of which can improve the overall experience of using the dryer.

Little reminder! Using heat protection with a dryer helps prevent excessive heat damage, such as dryness, breakage, and split ends.

The Mermade dryer (small bag) is an excellent option in terms of value for money. It offers three speed options and a power of 1600 watts. This is a perfect choice for someone who doesn't want to spend too much money on their dryer, but doesn't want to sacrifice efficiency.

The T3 Aireluxe dryer (large bag) is one of our favorites. It offers 5 heat levels and 3 different speeds. You can also activate ions with the press of a button, which helps reduce frizz. A distinctive feature of the T3 hair dryer is its ability to keep hair hydrated even after drying it.

The GHD (large bag) dryer is designed for people with very thick hair that takes a long time to dry. It propels the air at a speed of 120 km/hour! It combines power and speed and is also equipped with ionic technology which reduces frizz and improves hair shine.

The dryer brush

Do you have a busy schedule & are you looking for ways to save time in your routine? The dryer brush is your best ally! It allows you to dry your hair while giving you a fiery style. When shopping for a dryer brush, here are three things to pay attention to.

The materials

The materials that make up the dryer brush are an important aspect. For example, a dryer brush designed with a ceramic coating is much less damaging to hair (it reduces friction and excess heat) than a brush with a metal coating. Metal, as a more direct and intense conductor of heat, can damage hair more quickly if not used carefully.

The Watts

The number of Watts of the dryer brush will allow you to see its power. The higher the number of Watts, the more powerful it will be and will dry your hair much faster. Finding a balance is essential, as heat levels that are too high can damage hair.

Additional options

Look for a dryer brush with features that meet your specific needs. For example, some dryer brushes offer multiple heat and speed settings, as well as options to activate negative ions to reduce frizz.

Little reminder! It is important to use your dryer brush on 70% dry hair to avoid damaging it. We advise you to use a microfiber towel about 30 minutes before using your dryer brush. Your hair will be less soggy and you won't dilute your products (or their effectiveness) in waterlogged hair. Don't forget to use a good styling cream to protect your hair from heat and separate your hair into layers to dry it more quickly.

The Mermade dryer brush (small bag) This is the perfect option if you want to test this type of tool. It is made of boar bristles, which helps smooth the hair and eliminate frizz. It offers 3 heat levels as well as a cold air option. It is available in 3 colors, but we have a weakness for the lilac color!

The T3 Airebrush (large bag) Our favorite among the dryer brushes is this one. It has a ceramic base which helps preserve incredible hair quality. It is also equipped with boar and nylon bristles to give hair shine and eliminate frizz. The dryer brush offers 3 heat options as well as 3 speeds.

The flat iron

The flat iron is a tool that many of you use every day. It's a versatile tool that you can use to straighten or curl your hair. If you use your flat iron often, it is advisable to opt for a good quality model in order to preserve the health of your hair. For those who have very thick hair and struggle to control it, the Steampod is the perfect option. Although it is quite expensive, it is designed to last for several years (if you follow the instructions carefully). When shopping for a new flat iron, here are three things to pay attention to.

The composition of the plates

The composition of the plates is an aspect to which some attention must be paid. In fact, several flat irons that are in an affordable price range most of the time have coated plates which means that with time and use, this coating can wear and flake, which may affect the performance of the flat iron. To obtain an iron with long-term performance, the plates must be completely cast. The heat will be better distributed, reducing damage to the hair.

Flat iron size

The size of the flat iron you choose should be suitable for the length and thickness of your hair. If you have thick and/or long hair, we recommend opting for a 1 1/2 inch iron. It will be easier to style your hair. If you have short and/or thin hair, 1 inch wide irons will be perfect.

Temperature Settings

Opt for a flat iron with adjustable temperature settings. This will allow you to adapt the heat according to your hair type (fine, thick, curly, etc.) and minimize the risk of overheating.

The Mermade flat iron (small bag) is offered at a very affordable price given the many advantages it offers. What sets it apart from other irons in its price range is the composition of its plates. In fact, it is made up of plates entirely cast in ceramic. Usually, in this price range, you find covered plates instead! Very rare for the small bag!

The T3 flat iron (large bag) is made up of 9 heat settings and cast Ceragloss plates. It allows you to choose the perfect heat suited to your hair type. The heat is distributed evenly, resulting in smooth, frizz-free hair after just one pass. For a shiny and long-lasting result!

The L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod iron (large bag)  is equipped with a technology different from the irons we usually use, it works using water vapor! It boasts of being 2 times faster than a flat iron and causing 78% less damage! It leaves your hair soft and shiny.

Curling iron with pliers

The curling iron with pliers is the most classic of irons! With some technique & practice, one can get the defined curl to beach effect. When shopping for a new curling iron with tongs, here are three things to pay attention to.

Iron size

The size of the curling iron determines the size of curls you can create. Choose a diameter based on the style you prefer, from tighter curls with a small diameter iron to looser waves with a larger diameter iron.

Coating type

Choose a curling iron with a ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium coating, as these materials help reduce the risk of hair damage while ensuring even heat distribution. We avoid metal!

Heat Settings

Look for a curling iron with heat setting options to allow you to adjust the temperature based on your hair texture. This is especially important to avoid damage to finer or more sensitive hair.

The Babyliss Pro nano-titanium & ceramic curling iron (small bag) is an excellent tool in terms of value for money. It's an iron with a diameter of 1 inch, it allows you to make slightly tighter curls that will last all day.

The T3 BodyWaver Curling Iron with Clip (Large Case) is designed with ceramic barrel surface that glides easily through hair to create a shiny, frizz-free finish . These 3 high-performance ceramic heating elements encircle the inside of the barrel to deliver uniform and constant heat for fast and long-lasting results. With this type of iron, it is possible to create a look with wispy curls or a Blowout look .

Curling iron without pliers

The clampless curling iron commonly called a rod is a perfect tool for those who don't have too much talent for curling their hair. No technique is required, just wrap a section of hair around the rod and leave it for a few seconds!

We won't hide it from you, you have to look at exactly the same 3 things for a rod as a curling iron (see a little higher in the article).

The Babyliss Ceramix Xtreme curling iron without white clamp (small bag) is an excellent tool in terms of value for money. This iron has a diameter of 1 inch, it allows you to make slightly tighter curls that will hold well throughout the day.

The Babyliss Nano-Titanium Curling Iron Without Clamp - 1 1/4 in (Small Bag) is an iron that is made of titanium. The diameter of this iron is 1 inch 1 1/4 inch which will give much looser curls.

The wave iron

Do you dream of having a look worthy of spending the day at the beach? The wave iron is the one you need! It's easy to use, no talent required!

We won't hide it from you, you have to look at exactly the same 3 things for a wave iron as a curling iron (see a little further up in the article).

The Mermade Pro Waver Rose - 25mm (small bag) will give you well-defined and tight waves, a bit as if you had made lots of small braids! If you have short hair, the 25mm will probably suit you better.

The Mermade Pro Waver Rose - 32mm (small bag) is an iron that gives more flexible, relaxed and voluminous waves. If you have long & thick hair, you will probably prefer this option.

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