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Article: Should we sleep with our hair tied up?

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Should we sleep with our hair tied up?

One of the most recurring questions we have during our Q&A is whether we should sleep with our hair tied or not ? Is it good or not? First of all, you have to ask yourself a few questions to know whether it suits you or not!

Do I always have my hair tied up? If the answer is yes, you will want to give your scalp a break and allow it to oxygenate freely during the night. It's the same for people who have a predisposition for hair loss, you want to put the least pressure on them. That relief we feel at the end of a day when we undo our bun / ponytail feels so good!

For those with thin, frizzy or bleached hair, tying them up is a must! Why ? The mechanical rubbing of the head on the pillow can help weaken them and make them more brittle. People with acne also benefit from sleeping with their hair up to keep hair oil away from the face.

If we opt for tying our hair while we sleep, there are some basic rules to follow. Before bedtime, untangle your hair. This helps remove dust or any other small impurities from everyday styling products. Then choose either the low ponytail, the bun, the braid or the pineapple method. Whatever option you prefer, it is VITAL not to tighten the elastic too much and that it be as far as possible from the scalp. Same thing with the braid, we want it to be flexible. We must provide maximum comfort for our scalp to promote blood circulation. We do not want to wake up the next morning with bad hair. A scrunchie or a spiral-shaped elastic (invisibobble) will help keep our hair in place without too much pressure.

On our side, we like to tie our hair up when it comes to bedtime because it keeps it supple and makes it easier to style when you wake up. Why ?

  1. Putting them together decreases sweating and helps us keep our hair clean longer thus promoting the spacing of washes. (which we love !)
  1. For children with long hair, this is ideal, because we avoid knots and crying episodes every time the brush is in sight! (Really true, take my word for it!)
  1. The braiding or the bun gives curls or waves to our hair without resorting to heat. So we can have fun with different styles of braids and separate our hair into one or more strands. Remember, the braiding must be loose if not, OUTCH the next day. The same goes for the bun.
  1. For curly hair, happiness is found in the pineapple method. It consists of wrapping our hair in a silk scarf. This nighttime hairstyle has a reputation for not crushing curls and reducing morning frizz. (Curly hair girls, your life has just changed and that makes us happy!)

If we want to give maximum comfort to our ponytail during the night, the use of a silk pillowcase or satin allows not to mess it up too much. These pillowcases are smoother than their cotton counterparts and they reduce friction, allowing us to keep our style longer.

What if I use a treatment at night? All the more reason to tie them up. It allows the treatment to penetrate better!

With that, good night and sweet dreams!

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