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Article: Night serums: what should we know!

Les sérums de nuit: qu'est-ce qu'on doit savoir! - Concept C. Shop

Night serums: what should we know!

At night while you sleep, your body is repaired and strengthens its cells from the inside. It is probably the best time to leave powerful and nutrient -rich beauty treatments do miracles. Just like the face, the hair also deserves a little night attention.


The action of applying a night serum on the hair at bedtime, acting during sleep, talks to several women. When you are comfortable in the arms of Morpheus, it repairs and nourishes leaving silky and smooth hair in the morning. A productive sleep why not? Indeed, nothing like the luxury of restorative sleep to maximize the effects of a serum.


The night serums are entered a few years ago in the hair world a few years ago, but they are still a little unknown ... and yet! You have to understand that this routine is very profitable for the hair. Once you join the hair night serum, you don't want to do without it anymore.


Night serums can be used to improve the general aspect of your mane. Whether it is to fill a lack of hydration or repair, the night serum remains a good option to add to a good day routine. What is a good routine? You must first have a good basic quartet (shampoo/revitalizing/treatment/styling cream) which is suitable for our hair type before thinking adds a night serum to its routine. What I mean is that in the order of priorities of a hair pharmacy, the night serum comes in fifth position after the purchase of the shampoo/revitalizing/treatment/styling cream. If you already have a professional and complete day routine, you are the perfect candidate to go to the next level.


Most companies suggest using their night serum every night. From experience, you are suggested to use the hair night serum 2-3 times weeks at bedtime and it is enough. It can be applied to a damp hair, of course, but it can also be applied to a dry hair. Yes yes, you can apply it on you're dry hair before going to sleep and in the morning you won't need to wash your hair! Magic! The serum will be completely absorbed by your mane which will be soft as silk on your alarm clock.


Your night serum can be located on your bedside table or in your pharmacy. We advise to place it in a strategic location so as not to forget it to put it, especially if it is a new routine for you. The application of the capillary night serum is rather simple. You can start by applying a small amount at the start and adjusting to time. You will quickly feel it when you wake up if you abused a little too much of your serum the day before (it's like alcohol). Joking aside, we advise to apply it in terms of lengths, that is to say from ears to tips. Massage slightly and then you can make a braid or a "bun" lousse. This is an action that only takes 1 to 2 short minutes.


In closing, as it is not always easy to make good choices according to our hair type, we present our 3 favorite night serums.


René Furterer - Shea night serum

It offers 8 hours of intense nutrition with dry to very dry hair. Its formula concentrates the riches of oil and shea butter is really effective. When you wake up, the hair is bright, soft, flexible and shiny. It is suitable for all hair types. Just dose the quantity. It is according to, we are the best value for money on the night serum market today (allo the average bag).


René Furterer - Shea night serum


Kérastase -Nutrient night serum


We admit, we prefer it to his cousin the cicanit in the absolute blond range. We love its smell of lavender that imprints our dreams and its more energizing morning smell. We love the fact that he is versatile, both repairing and hydrating. He warns the breakage and hydrates your mop!


Kérastase - Night Night Serum


Shu Uemura - Absolute Essence Night Serum


Do you want us to tell you our favorite of all the night serums? It's him. Your hair will absorb this nectar in the blink of an eye. It hydrates and nourishes hair while taming frizz. And its smell is just incredible and soft. With a luxurious texture, it is suitable as much for fine hair as thick hair. It will leave your hair hyper soft and hydrated. It is available in two formats!


Shu Uemura - Absolute Essence Night Serum


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