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Every day we answer hundreds of questions on our social networks. A problem seems more recurrent…We are talking here about hair loss! Whether it is caused by hormones, a stressful event or even postpartum, many of us will be victims of it one day or another (without necessarily wanting to!) Over the years, we have tested a multitude of products in order to discover those which are the most effective for finding hair worthy of Princess Rapunzel.



When hair has experienced considerable loss, serum is the key element to help growth. The aim of the serum is to stimulate growth which will create new hair and at the same time strengthen those which are a little weaker. Several serums are available on the market from small-ish to big-bag! They all have essentially the same method of use (with a few small differences.) It is important to read the instructions carefully when applying for the first time. We tested more than one serum, here are some of our favorites!

Denser Serioxyl serum – L’Oréal Professionnelle

It is one of the best-selling products with us since the beginning of the Concept C. It has proven itself on several of our customers (supporting photos on the product page) and it has more than won our heart with its affordable price and high efficiency! No matter the cause of your loss, “Denser” will be a good ally in your quest to find longer, fuller hair!

PsSsT: No danger in using it while pregnant or breastfeeding!

Genesis Fortifying Anti-Hair Loss Serum – Kérastase

In the large bag, we find the serum from the Genesis range (anti-hair loss/fortifying). It is designed for hair that is weakening and tends to fall out. Enriched with Aminexil, ginger root and caffeine, this serum strengthens the hair fiber and enhances the hair. It increases the resistance of your hair and protects your scalp. No greasy effect is promised, it penetrates easily into the scalp.

Anti-Hair Loss Booster – Iles Formula

Iles Formula's anti-hair loss booster helps stimulate hair growth and makes it thicker and stronger. Lightweight, fragrance and residue free, it rarely causes disappointment. Wasibi extract stimulates growth while biotin stimulates collagen synthesis. In addition to being vegan, it is cruelty-free!

Triphasic concentrated serum capsule - René Furterer

René Furterer capsules help to slow down three factors responsible for hair loss and at the same time stimulate their growth so that they can hang on for longer. They will allow your hair to regain the strength and density it had before. It exists for 2 types of falls: progressive (hormonal or hereditary) or reactive (stress / fatigue / post-pregnancy).


Although these serums work with any shampoo, a few options can be good allies to ensure their effectiveness. Here are some of our favorite options.

Kérastase. Genesis Hydra-Fortifying Bath

The Genesis hydra-fortifying bath helps remove product residue and excess sebum (ideal for an oily tendency). It will create a healthy environment to promote hair growth. He is a favorite for many of you.

Shu Uemura. Izumi Tonic Shampoo

The Izumi Tonic range made its debut in April 2023 and was love at first sight! Infused with rice water, the shampoo helps strengthen, repair and visibly thicken fragile hair... without weighing it down! One of the biggest WOWs since the beginnings of Concept C. To try it is to adopt it.


L’Oréal Expert Series. Serioxyl Advanced Shampoo

The shampoo from the Serioxyl range helps clarify the scalp to allow hair to grow in a balanced environment. It is perfect for those who have fine and thinning hair. It brings a fresh effect to your scalp and will be perfect for hosting a serum to maximize your hair growth!


L’Oréal Expert Series. Inforcer Anti-Breakage Shampoo

This anti-breakage shampoo helps strengthen the hair from the roots so that it does not break as soon as it appears. This is a choice that we often offer you on our social networks! It makes them stronger, smoother and more flexible. With the ingredients that make it up, it prevents the breakage that hair can suffer.

René Furterer. Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo with Essential Oils

This shampoo stands out from the others with the addition of essential oils. It contains small beads which will open when washing your hair and release two highly effective anti-hair loss active ingredients: ATP and natural Pfaffia extract. The shampoo increases the supply of nutrients and energy, essential for the growth of strong hair.

For the conditioner step , the important thing is that it is adapted to your lengths and does not necessarily target hair loss. Need repair? Hydration? Volume? Targeting the need will help you determine which conditioner is tailor-made for you.

When you experience hair loss, you often want it to grow as quickly as possible. It is certain that small actions will help reduce their fall, but the biggest advice we can give you is time. Your hair will not grow in a few days, so you have to be patient! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to come and talk to us on our various social networks!

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