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Article: The RIGHT shampoo for your hair!

Le BON shampoing pour tes cheveux! - Concept C. Shop

The RIGHT shampoo for your hair!

Having healthy, vibrant hair starts with choosing the right shampoo. But with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which product is best for your hair type. In this article, we will guide you according to your hair type and give you tips for choosing the ideal shampoo for optimal results.

I have oily hair

Fatness! Oily hair produces excess sebum, which makes it look shiny/heavy very quickly. For this type of hair, it is essential to choose a clarifying shampoo that will cleanse deeply. It is essential to avoid shampoos rich in oils or moisturizers, as they can weigh down your hair and amplify your oily tendency.

Small bag // Biolage. Clean Reset Shampoo -

Large bag // Oribe. Regulating Shampoo -

I have damaged hair

We all know someone who overuses heating tools (and doesn't use heat protection) in addition to experiencing discoloration. In this case, it is important to opt for restorative products that will reduce the damage.

Option 1 // Goldwell. Repair Shampoo -

Option 2 // Pureology. Stength Cure Shampoo -

I have blonde hair

The biggest challenge with blonde hair is often maintaining a beautiful, immaculate blonde without having unwanted yellow highlights. Yes, we start this process with professional bleaching. On the other hand, maintenance at home is just as important. Using a purple shampoo or products in your routine will allow you to maintain your blonde as if you had just left the hairdresser!

PsSSt: Big crush on the Urban Alchemy drops... you can mix them with any of your favorite products!

Option 1 //Urban Alchemy. Pigmented drops -

Option 2 // L’Oreal. Purple shampoo -

I have fine hair with no volume.

For fine hair without volume, look for a volumizing shampoo that will add body and texture to the hair. Avoid heavy or oil-rich shampoos, as they can weigh down fine hair and make it look flat. You want body and fullness... without feeling like your hair is tattooed on your head.

Option 1 // R+CO. Thickening Shampoo -

Option 12 // Alterna. Volume Shampoo -

I have dry hair

From unruly frizz to split ends to loss of shine, these signs of hair dehydration can make you lose hope in your hair. It is important to choose moisturizing products that will restore shine to your hair and provide it with the dose of hydration necessary for healthy hair.

Option 1 // Pureology. Moisturizing shampoo

Option 2 // Shu Uemura. Nourishing Shampoo

I have curly or frizzy hair

There are two types of shampoo to take care of a frizzy and unruly mane: shampoos for curls and straightening shampoos. A straightening shampoo can also be a valuable ally for taming curls and making them more disciplined. It is well known that taming a lioness's mane can be a major challenge!

Option 1 // L’Oreal. Cleansing cream -

Option 2 // Kérastase. Hydration bath -

Choosing the right shampoo is essential to taking care of your hair and achieving optimal results. Identify your hair type and look for products specifically designed to meet their needs. Remember to adjust your hair routine based on seasonal changes or specific issues you're experiencing. With the right shampoo, you can achieve healthy, shiny and beautiful hair!

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