GHD. Ceramic round brush 25mm - Size 1


Information: For short hair brushing, fringes and for volume to roots.
Ideal for: This brush with small diameter - size 1, is perfect for giving root volume to short cuts and for brushing short fringes or degraded. The ceramics of this round brush hold heat for ultra-fast drying.
Hair trick: Dry your hair at 80% by passing your fingers. Then work small sections by placing your brush at the root. Lead the heat from the hairdryer to the brush. Take care not to stick your hairdryer on the hair.
Style tip: Always keep your hairdryer's nozzle on during the blowout. For a smooth, shiny brushing, place your hair down. To create more volume, turn your hair upside down.


  • Includes a fancy, elegant box set
  • Ceramic body, diameter 25 mm
  • Anti-slip coating, pleasant touch
  • Professional quality and design

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