Joico. Air Dry Styling Creme Fine/Medium Hair - 150 ml



For who: For fine/medium hair

Information: Without the weight of a thick cream, Zero Heat offers a natural style and  reduces frizz and strengthens the shine. Sharing your hair in a few seconds - it is the beauty of this polishing cream that saves you time and offers you a durable and dried style in the air while keeping frizz from a distance. Unique ingredients act in tandem to improve your natural texture and bring out the best of your hair.


  • Minimizes frizz and improves natural hair texture
  • Reduces natural drying time
  • Provides a 24 -hour humidity control
  • Keep your natural and dry appearance up to 24 hours
  • Strengthens the shine
  • Leaves no sticky residue

Usage tips: Work a small amount on hair wrung out with the towel. Scrunch and torsion to improve the texture. Leave to dry in the air.

Key ingredients:

  • Flexible polymersMultifunctional polymers help create a flexible outfit to define the natural texture and provide a lasting retention and definition of style without sticky sensation.
  • Musk rose oilRich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega acids; Easily absorbed in hair without fatty feeling; helping to hydrate the hair and add shine.

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