L'Anza. Healing Smooth Glossifying Conditioner-250 ml

$37 $39.99

250 mL

Chemical thinkers and straighteners act by breaking the disulfide bonds inside the hair.Amino acids (arginine and leucine) present in the seed of Coix increasing the flexibility of the hair.The abundant bio-saccharides of the fruit extract of mangosteen leave a magnificent shine.

For whom: All hair types. For those who are looking for a naturally smooth look.

Information: This daily conditioner leaves hair smooth and silky, and improves manoeuvrability and flexibility.

  • Improve manageability and flexibility.
  • Coix Sleek Complex calms curls.
  • The keratin healing system and the mangosteen extract add shine

Usage tips: After the healing shampoo, apply generously. Rinse well.

Animal cruelty free and wild and organic botanical ingredients.

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