L'Anza. Healing Style Hairstyling Clay - 100g


100 g

The cactus flower extract provides an additional thermal protection measure to withstand extreme temperatures in the environment.A powerful dose of new generation keratin guarantees the healthiest style possible.

For whom:All types of hair

Information:The dry formula allows strong adherence and bold textures.

  • Provides high control for unique hairstyles.
  • Low-shine, nonfat formula; ideal for all types of hair.
  • Control: 8/10.

How to use: Apply in palms of hands and rub hands to soften clay. Distribute in damp or dry hair and style as desired.For layered hair, rub the hand through dry hair to accentuate texture. Apply the hairstyling clay to  damp hair and dry. Apply with fingers to the twisted ends for additional texture.

No Animal cruelty years and wild and biological botanical ingredients.

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