L'Anza. Healing Volume Thickening Conditioner - 250 ml


250 ml

Bamboo is the world's most abundant source of natural silica, and light minerals are the key to creating volume in hair.The rich silica of bamboo makes the diameter of each capillary expand and the thickness of hair greatly increased.

For whom: All types of hair. For those who want to have more volume and texture.

Information: It's a daily, relaxing rejuvenation, which increases the density of the hair and at the same time increases the shine.

  • Adds volume to fine, thin hair.
  • Provides volume components in hair without increasing volume.
  • Produces a significant overall body while restoring health and shine to the hair.

Use: Apply to clean hair,  foam and rinse.

Cruelty-free and wild, organic, botanical  ingredients

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