L'Anza. Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment - 50ml


50 ml

The proprietary blend of four unique, nature-made vegetable oils delivers unprecedented health and shine to all hair types. Created to restore and maintain the perfect balance of essential fatty acids in hair, this blend of healing botanical oils hydrates and nourishes dry, stressed hair without grease or residue.

For whom: All hair types.

Information:This oil regenerates keratin protein and leaves hair shiny and healthy in addition to reducing drying time by 50%. It regenerates optimal hydration while restoring elasticity and shine. It does not contain sulfates, parabens, gluten and sodium chloride. Made with a blend of keratin protein andPhyto IV Complexthat combine to leave hair incredibly soft and smooth with a radiant shine. Keratin rebuilds the inner layers of the hair to add body and elasticity. Protects hair from heating devices.The first volumizing oil that adds a radiant shine without weighing down hair.

  • Strengthens thanks to concentrated healing active ingredients.
  • Provides a flexible body and rebound.
  • Rehydrate hair to make it soft and silky.
  • Shortens the drying time by 50%
  • Provides high temperature thermal and UV protection.

Using advice: While the hair is still damp, put a small amount in the hair. Style as desired. The treatment can also be applied to dry hair to give more shine.

Cruelty-free and wild and organic botanical ingredients.

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