L'Anza. Healing Color Care Trauma Treatment - 50 ml


50 ml

Enjoy sustainable colour protection and maintain vibrant and true-to-tone hues. Provides a defense against hair discolouration, using the same powerful anti-discolouration protectors as flowers naturally derived from flowers.

For whom: Hair damaged.

Information: Trauma cures the most damaged hair. It extends hair colour up to 107% longer. It's a deep treatment that helps traumatized hair. A multipurpose formula, it can be used as a no-rinse treatment or a rinse treatment. It contains abundant amounts of essential amino acids for correctly fixing colours in the hair: Ceramide-2 and Tyrosine. The complex Fleur de bouclier is a specialized mixture of flower extracts designed to protect hair and prevent discolouration.

A powerful treatment that reestablishes healthy hair.

  • Profound penetrating formula
  • Provides optimal colour protection
  • Contains an abundance of amino acids and ceramides to correct colour.
  • The multipurpose formula is light and can be used as a no-rinse treatment or a rince treatment..

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User advice: Apply on wet hair before blow-drying or on dry hair on damaged ends.

Cruelty-free and wild and biological botanical ingredients.

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