Living Proof. Full Shampoo - 236 ml


236 ml

For whom:Full shampoo is ideal for medium-thin hair with a normal to greasy tendency.

Information:This gentle and effective cleansing shampoo helps transform fine and flat hair so that it behaves like dense, thick hair. Strengthened by the special healthy hair molecule (OFPMA), Full shampoo is the first step to removing residue and achieving natural density and texture. It also helps to repel dirt and sebum to preserve cleaner hair for longer, and it prepares hair at maximum density. Paraben-free, sulphate-free and phthalates-free. A shampoo that reveals the natural texture by gently removing dirt, sebum and hair residue without weighing it down

Key benefits 
- Cleans gently
- Keeps hair cleaner for longer
- Ideal for fine and flat hair

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