Living proof. No frizz nourishing oil - 50 ml


50 ml

For whom:For all hair types but the dose differs depending on your hair type.

Information:This blend of nourishing oils has been specially formulated to mimic the composition of natural hair oil, to provide revolutionary anti-frizz protection to rough hair and give it a smooth, shiny, healthy and hydrated appearance.Without parabenes, sulphates and phthalates, No Frizz nourishing oil is enhanced by the optimal blend of nourishing oils that mimic the composition of natural hair oil, which helps to revitalize and soften dry and rough hair. Living Proof's patented healthy hair molecule (OFPMA) that blocks moisture without weighing down hair makes hair smooth and easy to style. This quick-absorbing formula that leaves no residue acts on dry or wet hair.

- Quick Absorption
- Feeds the hair to give it a smooth and shiny appearance
- All hair types

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