Living Proof. Perfect Hair Day Styling in the Shower - 148ml


148 ml

For who : In-Shower styling is suitable for all hair types. It's innovative styling that is applied in the shower and lightly rinsed off to create air-dried styles with enhanced volume, smoothness, natural texture, and shine.

Information: In-Shower Styling Product is formulated so that styling ingredients are activated when lightly rinsing hair and removing excess product, leaving just the dose needed for beautiful, dry hair. open air dry, without the disadvantages. When the hair dries, it contracts, enhancing the natural waves. The thickening molecule, PBAE, separates strands to create more texture, while light conditioners give hair softness and natural shine. Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates

Main benefits
- Keeps hair smooth and polished
- Mimics the look of a cool haircut by sealing and smoothing the ends and aligning the hair fibers for a sharper appearance
- Instantly seals and heals split ends

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