Living Proof. Restore Shampoo-236 ml


236 ml

To whom:The Restore shampoo is ideal for hair that has been abused by chemical treatments. Hello, blondes! It is a gentle shampoo that is the first step to give dry and damaged hair a visibly healthier sensation and appearance.

Information:A mild shampoo for dry and damaged hair that is used as part of the repairman system. The products of the repaired system are designed to act in synergy in order to restore the health to dry and damaged hair. It is reinforced by the patented Special Hair Molecule (OFPMA), the repairable system, and instantly revives the cuticles of damaged hair that seem to be renewed. It restores levels of hydration similar to those of healthy hair and helps to repel dirt and oils to space washings and bends, to ensure a healthier routine for your hair. It protects future damage and strengthens hair to become 20 times more resistant. Parabens, sulphates and phthalates free

Key benefits 
-Help to restore damaged hair cuticles
-Reinforce and protect hair from damage

Good to know

After 5 uses of the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, the capillary porosity is reduced by 100 %.
After 5 uses of the Restore Shampoo and Mask Treatment, the hair is 9 times more resistant.

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