Matrix. Total Results Custom Neutralizing Mask Brass off Color Obsessed - 200 ml

$23.25 $24.50

200 ml

For whom: Ideal for brunettes and for blondes.

Information: This mask neutralizes unwanted copper and yellow reflections and provides a moisturizing and restorative action. Its formula contains blue-violet pigments that sublimate strands and revive cold tones for blonde and brown hair. The rich texture ensures a precise application that will not flow, allowing you an optimal application.


  • Neutralizing mask for blond and brown hair
  • Eliminates copper and yellow highlights
  • Moisturizes and repairs hair
  • Suitable for coloured or natural hair
  • Revives shine

Tips for use:

  • Get started with Brass off shampoo
  • Apply using gloves
  • Distribute evenly using a comb
  • Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly

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