Oribe. Flash Form Finishing Wax Spray - 150ml


150 ml

For whom: All types of hair

Information:With the light haze of a hairspray and the moulding powers of a wax ointment, this sculpting spray creates a weightless texture with a long lasting hold, whether you have short or long hair.The formula is buildable so that you can apply and re-apply easily and without accumulations.

- Creates an airy and adjustable texture and definition

- Hydrates and revitalizes during styling

- Tames rebellious strands

- Adds a light shine

- Moisture resistant

- Not greasy

Use: Shake and spray on specific areas such as the tips, frizz and bangs, or everywhere. Use your hands to shape the hair into the desired shape.

Ingredients:The Signature Oribe Complex (Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower) protects the hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and deterioration of the natural keratin while protecting it from the drying, damaging and bleaching effects of the elements.

Wheat starch adds a constructible and brush-able texture and separation.

The mixture of fortifying polymers creates a texture and a light outfit while strengthening the hair.

Glycerin and panthenol moisturizes and revitalizes to protect against breakage.

Amino acids of plant origin help the hair retain moisture while adding a light shine.

Soya protein gives strength and elasticity to the hair.

Amber extract offers antioxidant, revitalizing and fortifying properties.

Tested under dermatological control. Formula free of parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride. Safe on dyed hair or hair treated with keratin. Protection Anti-UV. Gluten-free vegetarian product not tested on animals.

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