Oribe. Sublime Colour Mask - 175ml


175 ml

For whom: All hair types

Information:Bring your hair to life and shine with the latest colour-keeping technology.An intense and rewarding cuticle mask, colour-protective UV filters and next-generation bio-polymers that tame frizz reinforce this lustrous, restorative and colour enhancer mask.

- Improves colour brightness

- The ultimate luxury conditioner mask for coloured hair

- Keeps hair in the best condition, both in response and in preparation for ongoing colour treatments

Use: After shampooing, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes (or more if desired). Rinse. Can be used on a daily basis.

Ingredients: The Oribe Signature Complex (Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss flower) protects hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and deterioration of natural keratin while protecting it from the drying, damaging and discolouring effects of the elements.

Bioflavonoids, responsible for giving the fruits their fantastic hues, protect the hair colour.

Phytoceramides offer better colour protection and smooth the hair shaft to improve shine.

Wild mango butter brings a bio-conditioning, especially recommended for strengthening coloured hair.

Hydrolyzed plant protein Strengthens damaged hair and protects the surface of the hair shaft while penetrating the cortex to provide anti-aging benefits, maintain hair strength and prevent UV degradation.

Ginger root extract softens and strengthens hair from root to tip.

Natural sunflower oils and moringa seeds provide natural protection from the effects of discolouration, dryness and damage to the sun's rays.

Specialized fitness agents cover the hair shaft to add moisture and protect against discolouration due to the sun.

Tested under dermatological control. Formula free of parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride. Safe on coloured hair or hair treated with keratin. UV protection. Gluten-free vegetarian product not tested on animals.

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