Oribe. The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo - 200 ml


200 ml

For whom: All kinds of hair

Information: Take a deep breath and wash your hair and scalp without stripping the core. Volcanic ashes provide fuel for deodorizing foam to remove dirt, oil and product accumulation.

-A new clarification method using skin exfoliants.

-The aerosol foam becomes a cream foam for deep cleaning without stripping

-Cleanses by removing dirt, oil and product accumulation

-Elimination of water and chlorine minerals

-Prepares hair for styling or treatment

use: Massage foam on hair and scalp, rinse. (repeat if necessary, for ultra clean hair.)

Ingredients:  Oribe signature complex (watermelon, litchi and Edelweiss flower) protects hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and natural keratin damage, as well as from drying, harmful and bleaching effects.

Papaya fruit extract Contains nutrients, minerals and enzymes to smooth the skin of hair, making it significantly healthier and brighter.

Ash Gently cleanses hair and scalp to remove dirt, oil and product accumulation to show ultra clean, healthy and glossy hair without removing natural oils.

Seafood extract Clean scalp, clean pores and no build up.

Eucalyptus Resurrection Scalp provides a healthy environment for hair.

Green Tea Extract Reinforce each hair to prevent damage and breakage

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