Reuzel. Wood and Spices After-Shave Lotion - 100ml


100 ml


Information: Our tonic blend T4 blends it with lemon, cedar wood and cloves. Just a touch of Reuzel Wood - Spice Aftershave will tone your skin and leave you with a positively intoxicating scent. Reuzel Wood and Spice aftershave is a brand new version of our hair salon classic. This soothing aftershave will leave you feeling fresh and smelling fantastic.

  • Leaves your skin fresh and smooth
  • T4 Tonic Mix to Nourish Skin
  • Notes of lemon, cedar wood and cloves

Use tip: Apply Reuzel Wood and Spice aftershave to your hands and rub it on your cheeks, neck and any other recently shaved area. You will feel it acting immediately, tightening your pores and nourishing your tender skin.

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