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Article: 4 tips to maintain your hair in the summer!

4 conseils pour entretenir ses cheveux l'été! - Concept C. Shop

4 tips to maintain your hair in the summer!

Summer is possibly the most damaging season for your hair. Ardent sun, chlorine, drought and a little sunscreen ... All the elements are gathered to make your hair as hay. A bit like I do with my wardrobe, I do not change from A to Z my winter songs vs summer. On the other hand, some key products appear during the summer season!

Here are some little tips and products that will help you keep your hair healthy all summer!

Tip 1: The moisturizing mask becomes an essential!

To see the long -term effects of a good mask/treatment, recurrence is often the key. Yes, using it once in a while will give a certain effect ... but using it every week during the summer will make your hair impeccable!

As I wash my hair 1 time at the 5 to 7 days, I only use masks (yes yes, I sulk the revitalizing). You can apply it in the shower according to the instructions indicated or apply it to dry hair (hydrating masks only) before the shower. I started this method to save myself from time to training / work mornings. We will not hide it, it takes a larger quantity, but the results are there. I leave it on average 30 minutes , time to come back from my race and go in the shower!

From superfood hydrates of Pureology via the Urban Moisture of Shu Uemura (our favorite for life) There are also masks designed specially for summer as the kerastase soeil. The important thing is to have a ton of hydration! Here are some favorites!

Hydrating masks

Advice 2: dare drying in the open air!

This is the ideal moment of the year to store your heated tools (time of a few weeks) and give a well -deserved respite to your mop. I would not have given you this advice a few years ago, simply because rare are the girls that their hair dry in the open air as after a folding. For about 5 years, the biggest companies have launched these "cream/balms drying in the open air". They allow you to have a perfect look while avoiding iron and dryer.

Do you have stiff hair like a bar? Add some jets of Sea spray As a finish while grazing your hair. You can even use it in the 2nd day you rekindle your drying balm in the open air so as not to increase your duvet too much!

Tip 3: Like the skin, we have to protect our hair from the sun!

When you go outside at 30 degrees, zero clouds in the sky, do you put sunscreen? Obviously. So why don't you protect your hair? Admittedly, the effects are less immediate than on the skin (the famous sunburn), but it is just as damaging. Besides the fact that your color will pale faster, your hair will dry up and become brittle. No need to tell you more.

You can always opt for the Bange / Hat options, but they don't be on all occasions. In addition to some more specialized products, more and more products contain protection against UV rays!

Huge crush on UV Kérastase UV cream that will keep your hair incredibly soft! Siren oil, this Sea spray Bi-Phase, will come to give you loops straight out of the beach.

Alterna comes out of the game this summer with a drying duo drying in the open air Easy does it and his sea texture spray Any Way ... Perfect duo even for fine hair!

How to forget the High Dive? This moisturizer that we use year -round! Its most in summer? It contains UV protection (like all R+CO products)!

Our favorites!

Tip 4: a good clarifying shampoo from time to time

This advice is mainly intended for swimming and products fanatics. A day at sea with sand and ocean. A day at the pool with chlorine and sun. In both cases, with an extra sunscreen that overflows a little on the hair line. Add to this wonderful recipe that I wash my hair once a week. Phew.

A clarifying shampoo from time to time is perfect for removing excess residues from your hair. Do not be worried, the clarifying shampoos are made extremely soft for your color and your hair will not lose their radiance. For my part I use each washing. If you are more common to do once a week or 10 days! Here are some favorites!

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